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HBCUs Bomb Threats Essay | Top Assignment Writers

Bomb threats and HBCUs attacks are the latest traumas and will continue especially due to the fact that there are celebrations and recognition of the Black history which honor the sacrifices and contributions of the Africans Americans and how they help in shaping the nation. The bomb threats in HBCUs bring about the thoughts of racism attacks that have occurred in the past generations (Tat, 2022). Considerably, there are some people that feel threatened by the power of the historic black college and universities.

Over the years, the historically Black colleges and university have experienced racist threats of violence since they offer equal opportunities to the black and are a threat to the white supremacy. Ideally, they offer transformative education and opportunities for the African Americas that were once shut off and limited to the minority groups. Therefore, they feel threatened by the fact that the HBCUs are equipping students’ knowledge and access to major places and significant places of power into the society. This means that Bomb threats in HBCUs will not stop since the white supremacist groups feel threatened.

The most effective to way to handle the HBCUs bomb threats is having a plan which makes response to the bomb threats. The plan may include bomb threat guidance for facility owners, operators and managers and training employees, students and visitors of appropriate actions in case of any bomb threat and identification of suspicious items. Ideally, emergency management and readiness for schools through resources, tools, information and training to improve institution security. Therefore, improving the institution security will play a major role in handling the bomb threats.

These bomb threats are a good reminder of the current threats to black life and opportunities and the unrelenting existence of racist hate. These threats are all linked to the aim of white supremacy and racism to humiliate, degrade and intimidate the black people from all possibility to the point where non institution or place is safe (Lacy, 2022). This is a negative social movement since it efforts to limit the democracy by leading radicalized violence and undermining the purpose of the HBCUs.

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