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Harm Reduction Approach | Write My Paper

Harm reduction treatment is a controversial method, mostly used for rehabilitation of drug addicts and also in sex education.  It is more common for drug therapy such as in methadone clinics and needle exchange programs.  Harm reduction has both pros and cons, where the main argument is that dug harm reduction is vital for the reduction of diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C.  Harm reduction also helps in the lessening the risk of blood borne infections (Moya, 2019). In communities, where needle exchanges are illegal, the addicts of certain drugs tend to share needles due to lack of supplies and education.

Harm reduction, according to the article also reduces the risks of death, in ensuring that certain diseases or cases of drug addiction are reduced (Moya, 2019).  Another benefit of the approach is that it helps in the reduction of overdose, injection-related injuries, and other drug-related injuries and diseases. There are however divided opinions on the use of harm reduction approach, where some people believe that it has led to more harm than good to the individuals.

Some of the cons of the approach include the opinion that it needs to advocate for junkie stop have clean syringes, which is an approach that encourages negative behavior and continuous use of drugs (Moya, 2019).  In some instances, there have been elucidation that areas where they give hypodermic needles, then an urge in demand of drugs has been experienced, which is harmful to the society.  According to Moya (2019), cases such as syringe distribution have helped in the spread of deadly viruses, but could also have negative consequences to a junkie person, who may take it as an opportunity to continue abusing a given drug.

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