Hamlet Theatre review


Hamlet is a Shakespeare play that narrates astory about the ghost of the king of Denmark. The ghosts are talking to the son Hamlet, demanding that he avenges his murder by Killing the new king, who is Hamlet’s Uncle. It was well executed from the stage, where it representedthe power struggle. The actors ensure to represent all the characters accordingly, and through their acting prowess, ensure that the narration is thoroughly done. The play is a clear act of art, where it isexcellently executed and has agreat storyline and greatcharacters in dramatic literature.

The well-written play shows how Hamletfeigns madness, contemplates life and death,and seeks revenge. On the other hand, the uncle fears that his life may be in dangerand devises ways to kill Hamlet before he is killed. At the end of the play, is aduel, where the King, the Queen,and Hamlet himself all get killed(Royal Shakespeare Company, 2021).  This playexcellently expounds on the power struggleand how the pursuit of power can lead to humans killing each other to appear more powerful and take over a throne. Hamlet is more than just a playand also more than just a revenging tragedy.  It is an innovative piece that helps one toconsider a new cosmology(Rooney, 2020).  The critical subject identified from the play is “is Hamlet’s consciousness of his consciousness, unlimited yet at war with itself.” The use of specific themes such as self-consciousness helps attain the play’s height, depth, and significance. This means that it isbetter than just aMarvel movie, where it conveys a profound message to any watcher who may be interested in understandingits message.

The actingand display of the differentcharacters in the play are outstanding.  There is an outwarddisplay of emotions, where the actors in the play well represent each character’s ideologies and beliefs.  There isalso a sincere demonstration of wide-ranging emotionssuch as sadness, bitterness, and the quest to revenge. Hamlet wears mourningclothes as a way of signifying his loss and grief. His inner feelings, according to the play, are his true meaning.  As aresult, the relationship between the show andauthenticity, performance,and realityiswellexpressed throughout the show. After learning of his unclekilling his father, he interprets thenews as a lesson in deceitful appearances: ‘meet it is I set it down / That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain!'(HARRIS, 2019). The tragedyrepresented by the show complicates any easy moraldistinction between either remaining authentic or acting. Hamlet well addresses grief for all to see and understands his degree of sadness and bitterness, and hence understands why he had to revengeagainst his killer uncle(Williams, 2020).  Shakespeare, throughout the play, tries toexplore ways in which the performanceexists and how it shows the reality of the current world.

The use of design elements is given asignificant focus in the play. This is since such elementshelp in ensuring that the message is well portrayed and depicted.  The film combines the elements of traditionaltheatre with technological mediato illustrate that the theatre too can be used as an innovativeplatform for creativity. The features alsoprove that theatre is a live production and that it lives its entity.  The setting helps in emphasizingthe actor-to-actoractions and emotions. The lighting helps illuminate the feelings expressed by the main actors,particularly Hamletand Horatian,who both had significantmoments of great emotional stress(essinec, 2015).  Lighting has an integralpart to play since it uses the production team to emphasize the characters, add nighttime, and evendiscern outside darkness from inside darkness. The production team also well transitions to fun scenes, where the transitions are elegantand precise.Additionally, there is acollaboration of lighting and thedownward movement of background characters, enabling them to givetheirsoliloquy or monologue pop out.  Given that the film was a live performance, the camera provides agreat deal in ensuring that thereisclarityof the play.  The angles are accentuated in certain parts of the scenes and help bring forward specificpatterns that make the play more interesting to watch.  There are also close-ups, which are vital in helping to highlight particularcharacters.


Overall,Hamletis a verytremendousand excellently written and directed play. Future filmmakers and creativeswill need to emulate the prowess of Shakespeare in writing plays anddevelopingcreative scenes and characters.   The play’s messageis also very clear from the beginning to the end and is very easy to relate to.  This play can be recommended to all studentsand anyone interested in watching a piece of literature work. The play also qualifies to rank amongst the best plays Ihave watched in years due to its high qualityand how it is showcased to people. It is still a quality piece in the current times and meets the expectationsof any person watching it.




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