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Group Think


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Assessing the significance of groupthink in facilitating unethical behavior, signs of group thinking and remedies for decreasing the prospect of group think

Sections of a Published Research Study Your Notes

The title may include terms like “outcomes,” “effects,” “treatments,” and “reactions” that indicate the article deals with research.

1.     Answer this question:  What is your journal article’s title?

Linking Groupthink to Unethical Behavior

in Organizations


Provides the author(s) name(s) and publication information.

2.     Write an APA-style citation for your journal article:

Sims, R. (1992). Shibboleth Authentication Request. Retrieved 5 September 2020, from


Used by readers to quickly evaluate the overall article content. Introduces topic and specific research question, usually provides statement regarding methodology and a general statement about the results and findings.

3.     Answer this question:  What does your journal article’s abstract say is the topic and specific research question investigated in this study?
4.     Answer this question:  Why do you think this study is useful to your research project?

This is great for research topic because it describes the symptoms of groupthink and ways to reducing groupthink in the workplace



Introduces the broad overall topic and provides basic background information.  Then narrows down to the specific research question relating to the topic. Provides the purpose and focus for the rest of the article and sets the justification for research. Sometimes this includes a literature review, which describes past important research and relate it specifically to the research question.

5.     Answer this question: What does the introduction to your article say is the purpose of this study?

Sims (1992) hints that the resolution of this article is to ascertain if “individual personalities and inter-personal links contribute” to group thinking and influence a firm’s ethical behavior. The study also seeks to assess the ways of reducing group thinking behavior in a working environment.

6.     Answer this question: What are some of the terms that the article “operationalizes” or defines?

Group thinking, apparent control, and concurrence-seeking conduct are some terms that the article operationalizes.

Sims (1992) describes group thinking as a hurried company decision that may result in a negative result. In addition, the article shares that a concurrence-seeking conduct transpires when a group member attempts to evade a disagreement by assenting with the majority.



7.     In a few sentences, summarize the background information provided about the study’s topic: 

The article recognizes that group thinking is a prospective aspect that influence the eminence of an organization’s outcomes. In addition, individual customs and behavior can also be a factor towards group thinking.



Describes the research design and methodology used to complete the study.  Includes the sample of who was studied and sample size.

8.     Answer this question:  Is this a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed research study?

The article is a diverse study as it take account of both qualitative and quantitative information all through the article.


9.     Briefly describe the methodology employed in the study:

The article incorporates data to back assertions and the studies apply sporadic viewpoint concerning the subject.


Presents the results of the analysis related to the research question or problem.

10.  Briefly describe some results from the study’s data analysis:

The results uncovered that group thinking results in negative influences with a company. In addition, Sims (1992) states that grouping most individuals that are over optimistic may lead negative results in an organization’s undertakings.


This section should be a discussion of the results, and the implications on the field. The research question should be answered and validated by the interpretation of the results. This section could also discuss how results relate to previous research, any cautions about the findings, and potential for future research.

11.  Complete this sentence about the research article’s discussion:  The data reported here provide evidence of

Group thinking facilitating an increase in negative aspects within an organization.

12.  Answer this question:  What are the study’s limitations?

The research study does not specify if the gender and age are factors that influence towards group thinking in an organization.  It also does not clearly specify the link between unethical behavior and group thinking.  Sims (1992) states that the article provides data gathered through graduate learners in a learning institution and not business setting.

13.  Answer this question:  What recommendations does the study make for future research?

Sims (1992) recommends that extra “solutions towards group thinking” needs to be thoroughly assessed.    The research study also recommends exploring if group thinking is more probable to happen in a “perpetual workplace atmosphere” or a “seasonal work atmosphere”.

14.  Summarize the conclusion that the authors reached about their study’s research question.

Policymaking groups may turn out to be so unified that resolute managers are capable of gaining undisputed backing for poor resolutions. Moreover, administrations dedicated to moral behavior in their establishments should strive towards reducing and preventing groupthink. Nonetheless, they should primarily comprehend what is meant by groupthink and the connection between groupthink and unprincipled behavior.


This section will be an alphabetized list of all the academic sources of information utilized in the paper, written in APA style.

15.  Provide two of the references listed on the article’s reference page:

Callaway, M. R. and J. K. Essen 1984, ‘Groupthink: EfFects of

Cohesiveness and Problem-Solving Procedures on Group

Decision Making’, Social Behavior and Personality 12(2),


Trevino, L K.: 1986, ‘Ethical Decision Making in Organizations:

A Person-Situation Interactionist Model’, Academy

of Management Review 11 (3), 601—17.





Sims, R. (1992). Shibboleth Authentication Request. Retrieved 5 September 2020, from


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