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Ways to Encourage Creativity

At the core of innovation lies creativity, and employees whether alone or in teams promote, create and realize these ideas. Some actions include allowing people to work autonomously. There is no one defined way for creativity therefore confining team behavior stifles innovation. I will allow them to make decisions and use their creative power to advance so that there is diversity of ideas. Additionally, regular communication is vital. Level of engagement between members outside formal consultations determines success. In so doing I will take time to understand their passion and outlook of the job and help support their goals. People who feel supported tend to be more creative. Moreover, creating constraints aids in implanting needed necessity into a low risk activity. While enforcing restraints may seem counterintuitive, some strain techniques would prompt creativity as people are challenged to exceed their intellectual comfort zones.

Ways to Increase Sharing Of Opinions and Ideas

Constant sharing of opinions and ideas brings endless benefits to firms. It boosts social interaction which facilitates inventive problem solving (Parjanen, 2012). Some techniques that I would implement to foster sharing of ideas include encouraging different forms of sharing. People have diverse gifts and not everyone may feel self-assured in public speaking. As such I would set aside time for face to face collaboration, discussion sessions and off-site meeting to allow people to thrive in a setting that fits them. This emphasizes that each member’s views are valued and can be achieved in different ways. Furthermore, it is important to magnify people’s strengths. This can be done through stretch projects, creative peer interaction and providing networks. To know that their best capacities are being acknowledged and enhanced is a great confidence boost and empowers people to share their ideas.

Scenario Two

Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy

The employees should have challenged the status quo. Failing to question the poor decisions by the management made them complacent with their intentions wearying their ability to contribute to the right resolve. Challenging the status quo would have led to utilization of their potential whereby they stand for what is right and not what the leaders expect of them. Nonetheless, there was need for a well formulated feedback procedure. Rote observation would have highlighted the continued use of poor decisions causing timely restructuring hence averting bankruptcy.

Complacency as a Negative Force

When complacency is predominant, novel initiatives do not take root easily as various operational functions are overlooked. Poor decision making, futile ideas and talks with lack of constructive action from management makes the employees feel underutilized and disregarded by the inconsistency. Therefore, by grasping what they cannot control they maintain some consistency and become less productive. Nevertheless, complacency hinders innovation and creativity. Being in a setting merely because it is what one knows and is comfortable with is limiting as there is no drive to surpass one’s comfort zone. Work becomes monotonous rather than a stimulating environment to challenge their intellectual capacities.

Ways to Prevent Complacency

Complacency is rooted on the premise than an organization is on the leading edge of success without necessarily ascertaining it.  To prevent complacency, I would develop stretch goals to push employee limits (Parjanen, 2012). This means setting ambitious yet achievable goals to challenge everyone to soar higher. Besides, I would encourage generation of fresh concepts. Fresh thinking that challenges standard viewpoints would encourage more creativity. Surrounding oneself with yes people confines functional goals for each individual. Lastly, I would ensure there are opportunities for competition. This means viewing success as a journey rather than an end point. When one goal is attained others should be set to maintain a forward momentum.

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