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Grassroot Versus Professional Politics | Political Science Homework Help

If You Were to Work for An Elected Official, Would You Prefer to Work in A Smaller Group That Is More Hands-On, Grassroots, And Collaborative, Or Would You Rather Work in A Large, Bustling Atmosphere of Professional Politics and Consultants?

I would consider working for a smaller group that is more hands-on, grassroots, and collaborative since it allows the citizens to define their projects and ways to achieve them. The bottom-up approach allows for participation at the local level rather than being the privilege of a few elected politicians (Bettencourt, 2019). Grassroot politics taps into public sentiments to champion a cause they believe through the addition of activists affected by the policies.

Which Do You Think Would Produce Better Results in Making Policy and Laws?

Grassroots advocacy is more successful in making policies and laws since it is more inclusive than professional politics. Grassroots politics is essential in policy lobbying since it includes citizens who offer consumer perspectives and feedback regarding the effect of the laws. Grassroot politics incorporates a large number of organized citizens, which is essential in lobbying for a change: the larger the group, the more significant the impact of grassroots advocacy. Grassroots advocacy also has a realistic idea of the impact of the policy on the community thus is in a better position to lobby for changes in the policy and law. Grassroots advocacy also has established affiliations with critical local contacts who can influence policy change in the community through active participation with the citizens. Furthermore, grassroots advocacy provides for discussion between proponents and opposers of a proposed policy change.

Review the Pros and Cons of Both Types of Organizations

Grassroots politics employs both an inside and outside policy change strategy. Grassroots advocacy uses inside strategies such as direct lobbying and outside strategies such as sit-ins or blockades. Grassroots advocacy also gives citizens a greater voice to share their views regarding policies. However, grassroots politics bring about little change in communities characterized by low-income groups. Professional politics involves using large amounts of money through lobbyists, which increases the chances of policies and laws being implemented. Professional politics leads to increased public disengagement since the politicians advocate for the minority instead of the majority. There is a sense of disconnect between the electorate and the professional politicians since they do not have insight into the intrigues of politics.

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