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Grant Proposal: States Homelessness Solution

States Homelessness Solution (SHS) is a non-profit organization that started to handle the high population of homeless people in the District of Columbia. In January 2020, the District of Columbia had approximately 6380 persons experiencing homelessness daily (Montoya et al., 2021), according to Continuums of Care to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Of the number provided, 1452 were persons suffering chronic homelessness, 253 were unaccompanied adults aged 18-25 years, 302 were veterans, and 767 were family households. Public school information handed over to the United States Department of Education indicated that approximately 6858 public learners undergo homelessness every year of the course.

Causes of Homelessness in District of Columbia

According to the research, some of the causes of Homelessness in the District of Columbia Include: Income & Employment; Most persons facing homelessness are incapable of getting earnings that can fund their housing through benefit programs or employment (Rodriguez & Brown, 2016). Secondly, experiences, individuals’ involvement with home violence, institutional settings, and the adoptive care system can distress how they interrelate with the structure of the homeless service. Thirdly, expensive housing, due to the issue of supply and demand in the District of Columbia, housing costs increase. The population in the state is growing significantly; however, the housing department is not keeping up with the rising population; this contributes to expensive housing that is not affordable to persons earning penny wages. Lastly, homelessness is also contributed by health matters such as mental illness. Many persons suffering mental challenges are homeless living within the streets. Still, drug addiction is also another cause of Homelessness in the District of Columbia. We would like to appear to the Social Justice & Civic Affairs to fund our organization to achieve our goals, missions, and vision.

Mission: To build an inclusive and safe society by helping persons who experience homelessness.

Vision: to end homelessness and provide a permanent solution to the factors contributing to homelessness.

The United States Department has approved our twenty-year proposal to mitigate continuing homelessness and other types of homelessness of Housing (Smelson et al., 2016). Our program was modernized, and we renamed the organization’s tactical plan to avoid and culminate homelessness in the District of Columbia. The States Homelessness Solution department is determined to mitigate Homelessness in the District of Columbia: preparation for results through information gathering and examination; terminating any exit door by averting homelessness, creating the entry door by generating lasting housing,  and constructing the structure by maximizing typical resources.

From 2020 to 2040, the States Homelessness Solution targets to accomplish the following:

  • Establish a Homeless Control and Info System (HCIS) that employ all emergency housing, intermediate, and perpetual housing programs in D.C (El-Shafei, 2017). This will help to deliver real-time statements and data gathering
  • Utilize HCIS and any other information to decide urgencies for yearly opening analyses;
  • Initiate release planning procedures with local departments of care such as mental health, youth department, criminal justice, and medical and psychiatric hospital to avert persons from being cleared into homelessness.
  • Effectively campaign for implementation and funding of the programs in the District of Columbia giving couches for homeless persons with a psychological disease or any occurring mental disease and drug abuse sicknesses and incapable of utilizing existing emergency housing programs.
  • Train supervises in incapacity and probable decision-making to escalate the numbers of homeless persons getting rights, incapacity, and other typical benefits.
  • Increase active partaking of States Homelessness Solution membership subsequent in a synchronized yearly homeless opinion in time count, classifying breaks in facilities, arranging needs, and organizing help applications.

More thoughtful of our mission accomplishments have included:

Decrease in general homelessness inside the District of Columbia

  • 16% decrease in individuals facing homelessness;
  • Create quick re-housing programs;
  • Increase homeless mitigation capitals;
  • Increase the amount of beds devoted to persistently homeless persons.

Rise partnership

  • Create a unified valuation system for people looking for homeless amenities;
  • Actively contribute to the growth of the accepted housing main plan;
  • Collaborate on local homeless plans and creativities;
  • Partake in the growth of the novel commission on kids and adolescence; and
  • Advocate on inexpensive accommodations and homelessness matters at a state, and native level.

Improve Governance Organization

  • Increase the extensiveness of affiliation on the corporation;
  • Complete control documents and HCIS measures;
  • Create teams to focus on precise activities.

Increase the excellence and possibility of data gathering and examination

  • Create and fill a position devoted to data gathering and examination.

Our Goals and Objectives

GOAL 1: Maximize collaboration, leadership, and public engagement

Objective 1: Offer and endorse cooperative management in all management stages to inspire and strengthen Columbians to bind to stopping and culminate Homelessness (Morales, 2020).

Objective 2: Reinforce the capacity of the community by growing knowledge about homelessness, teamwork, and successful involvements to culminate homelessness.


  • Grow a gateway for homeless info on Columbia’s website
  • Involve Columbians city officials in the implementation of the tactical plan to mitigate and stop homelessness in the District of Columbia
  • Grow a detailed sheet on Homelessness in the District of Columbia and distribute it at public conferences and proceedings

Method: Personalized interaction

GOAL 2: Maximize admission to affordable and stable housing

Objective 1: Deliver inexpensive housing to individuals facing homelessness

Objective 2: Offer enduring helpful housing to culminate prolonged homelessness

Objective 3: Fee housing steadiness for susceptible residents, including adolescence getting old out of the adoptive care and youthful justice organizations, old hand, and people who are being cleared from criminal justice bodies and hospitals.


  • Normalize and organize the ranking of access to lasting reassuring housing
  • Rise finance from public and private foundations for grant and monetary help to avert homelessness
  • Collaborate with States administration to reinforce and device the Columbian housing chief strategy, counting the devotion of cash to inexpensive housing
  • Rise the record of beds chosen for recurrently homeless individuals inside our civic

Method: Data analysis and face to face discussions with the funding organization

GOAL 3: Increase the health and financial security

Objective 1: Maximize expressive and maintainable work for persons facing or utmost danger of Homelessness (Temple Bar)

Objective 2: Upsurge admission to typical programs and facilities to reduce societies’ financial susceptibility to homelessness

Objective 3: Incorporate chief and social healthcare services inclusive of homeless help packages and housing to decrease societies’ susceptibility to the impacts of homelessness


  • Grow employment plans for those individuals facing or at utmost danger of homelessness
  • Collaborate with private clusters to guarantee that the individuals they help are connected to community services

Methods: Health institutes data analysis, economic survey, and community face to face interaction

Our FY 2020/2021 target

  • Reduce homelessness by 20%
  • Reduce time of stay in shelters from four months to two months
  • Rise the percentage of moving to permanent housing from 60% to 80%
  • Mitigate homelessness from 60% to 75%
  • Maximize household income


Housing: $2.5 million

Economic and health security: $1.8 million

Employment: $0.9 million

Beds funds: $0.7 million

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