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The Projector System Upgrading for Brackett Hall

Grant Application Form


Write answers to all questions in the space below each question. Do not delete questions. Include the exact character count after each answer.


Cover Page: The cover page must include a clear and concise project title (CEI: Project Title). The names and appointments of the PI, all co-PIs, and any other senior personnel or key collaborators should be listed along with departmental affiliations. List Research Center or Club affiliations if applicable.


The Projector System Upgrading for Brackett Hall




Watt Innovation Center

Clemson Education Initiative

Affiliation: Business and Behavior Science Department of Clemson University

Address: 321 Calhoun Dr., Clemson, SC, 29634.


1 page


Grant Overview: Please explain the proposed scope of the project and its purpose. You may describe the beneficiaries, summarize the need, or show how it will enhance scholarship and productivity at Clemson. Must have a 2-sentence intro in the following format: “The (name of the project) will address (major challenge) for (target beneficiaries). Our (innovative idea) will provide (key problem-solving capability), unlike (current alternatives).”


The Projectors System Upgrade is designed to address the project system issues for all the students and faculties with a projector system in Brackett Hall. Our Projector Upgrading System will focus on installing new equipment such as two new screens sharing the same information from the projector system in large classrooms and implement a check and fix the projector system disconnecting issues experienced in all classrooms. Unlike the old projector system suffering from image quality, disconnections, and hard time in information system ours will be much better and effective (MacLeod et al. 2018).


604 characters (with spaces) of 500 characters


Vision: Describe the overarching vision of your project or idea


To upgrade the projector systems in Brackett Hall for an exquisite experience to all students and classrooms by installing two new screens that share information giving better viewership to all sitting positions (back and sides). To resolve all the projector system issues through check and fix approach saving working time and learning experiences.


350 characters of 300 characters


Problem: Describe the problem you are trying to tackle with your proposed project or idea


The projector systems at Brackett Hall have been a menace to students, instructors, and departments in executing better learning experience. The bad projector systems give poor image quality, unwarranted disconnections, hard times sharing information, and poor viewership across different positions in the classrooms. By upgrading the projector systems and implementation of check and fix approach will great resolve the problems to improve the learning experience.


465 characters of 500 characters


Statement of Innovation: Provide a statement regarding whether similar equipment is currently available at Clemson. If similar equipment is available, justify the need for the new equipment. If similar equipment is not available, demonstrate how this tool or renovation is significantly innovative in its field.


The current projector systems at Clemson University have proved to be problematic and cause a stream of other associated issues such students’ laxity in attending classes, poor learning experiences, poor delivery, and lack of conducive environment. The implementation of the Projector Upgrading System is an innovative approach to improve classroom technology for better learning experiences (Marchand et al. 2014). Thus, new classrooms must be fitted with current technological advancements and old systems must continuously be upgraded to meet the contemporary learning experiences demand.


592 characters of 500 characters


Project Personnel: Please provide a brief biography of your project’s key personnel and academic departments


The project personnel comprise the technology services staff and technical support team to ensure smooth running of all systems in the university. Also, the IT department is bound to play a lead role in the implementation of the project. The project is bound to be facilitated by the Dean of Studies and Finance departments to oversee the implementation of the project.


Project Personnel Professional Background Task(s)
Technology Services Staff Smartboard Experts Install the Screens and Smartboards suitable for the new projector systems.
Computer Science Experts Diagnose the projector system problems and fix them.
Fine Arts & Design Experts Design the sitting arrangements and location of the screens/smartboards.
Technical Support Team Hardware Experts Install all the projector/computer hardware systems
Software Experts Install the necessary software to run the systems
IT Instructors Create awareness of the new systems
Information Security Experts Install the necessary information security precautions
IT Department Project Management Direct, Guide, and Steer the implementation of the project
Finance Department Finances Provide required (Budget) funds for the project implementation. Also, account (audit) the funds’ utilization
Dean of Students Oversight Oversee the project implementation



1,301 characters of 750 characters


Project Description: Describe the opportunity being addressed, with figures and charts if needed. Your description should include the following:

  • Overall goal or purpose
  • The research, training, and activities that will be possible upon acquisition of the equipment or completion of the project
  • Its impact on the productivity and competitiveness of Clemson researchers or students and/or if there are plans for sharing among departments and colleges
  • How this project fits into what is happening within the larger context of Clemson University
  • Direct and indirect beneficiaries
  • Details about where the equipment will be housed, or where the project is to take place
  • Any relevant evidentiary base (academic research, market research, or third-party evaluation) that supports this project or idea.


Overall Goal or Purpose. The project aims to improve the learning environment at Clemson University. By creating a reliable projector system – the classes are bound to be delivered in a conducive manner that is attractive to the learners. Also, the project is bound to improve the learners’ experience through quality images, high standards of projector systems, and reliable systems. Garcia-Carrion et al. (2018) state that creating interactive learning environments impacts to educational improvement and achievements of students.


Possible Activities Upon Completion of the Project. Following the completion of the project, improved learning experiences are bound to be attained. Smooth learning delivery will be possible. Any sitting position in the classrooms will be explicit to good viewership. Create better engagement between the professors and the learners to the learning content (Huang et al. 2019).


Impact on Productivity and Competitiveness. The project completion is bound to induce increased productivity and competitiveness of Clemson University. Cheryan et al. (2014) note that designing classrooms and provision of better resources shows the students that they are valued learners and belong within the learning environment. In turn, this impacts on the students’ educational choices and achievements (Garcia-Carrion et al. 2018). Clemson University is bound to improve in productivity and competitiveness of both the learners and the institution following the completion of the project.

All the departments in the institution are expected to be fitted with new projector systems and the old systems to be upgraded for a better learning environment at Clemson University. Overall, all departments are planned to be upgraded equally for improvement of learning in the institution (Barrett et al. 2015).


How the Project to the Larger Context of What is Happening at Clemson University.  The project is a key component of the improvement of classroom technology to meet contemporary demands. The project fits towards maintaining high competitiveness and standards of quality classroom technology at Clemson University.


Direct/Indirect Beneficiaries. Direct beneficiaries of the project comprise of the students, professors (instructors), and the institution itself. Indirect beneficiaries consist of experts contracted to implement the project, parents who students will improve their performance and learning outcomes, and suppliers contracted to provide resources for the project.


The Housing of the Equipment. The screens and smartboards are expected to be mounted in classrooms permanently where lessons take place. The projector system will run through to a central location where the controls, evaluation, and monitoring can be done. This is done in a designated room at the IT department to keep a close eye on the running of the systems and timely solution in case of any arising issue.


2,911 characters of 3000 characters


Outputs & Outcomes: You should compile at least 6 metrics (3 outputs and 3 outcomes). Please select those metrics that you feel are most relevant and important to the success of this grant. Each output and outcome should be listed separately and include 5 pieces of information:


  1. Who (the person(s) conducting the activity or the group for which outcomes will occur)
  2. Will do what (the activity conducted or the result to be achieved)
  3. How much (a specific target)
  4. By when (the timeline for completion)
  5. How will we know (the strategy for measuring whether the goal was met)?


For example:

Output – “By January 2016, my organization will hold 30 training sessions attended by 300 people, as measured by attendance records.”


Outcome – “By January 2017, at least 80% of training program participants will report learning new skills, as measured by a post-program survey.”


Output – By January 2020 (BY WHEN) the new screens installation and projector system upgrade will be implemented (WILL DO WHAT) in all classrooms (SPECIFIC TARGET) to ensure a better learning environment (MEASURING THE GOAL WAS MET).


233 characters of 250 characters


Outcome – By January 2021 (1 Academic Year), academic performance and learner’s knowledge acquisition should be seen to improve wit at least 50% improvement from the current position as indicated by the school reports.


217 characters of 250 characters


Each Output/Outcome has 250-character max



Project Budget Narrative: Provide a brief description explaining how the proposed funding will be spent. The budget should include the exact cost for proposed purchases and any contracting expenses. The budget should not include any salary or travel requests.


The project budget is estimated to constitute US$500,000 to cover the costs in the new projector system and upgrade the existing one through checking and fixing the problems. The projected budget is utilized in the purchase of new screens to cover the classrooms, interior design materials for the fitting of new screens and smartboards, projectors, optic cables for faster transmission of contents, and resources for the monitor room. The completion of the project is bound to accumulate the funds provided in the purchase of materials required to implement the project. The number of classrooms to be fitted with the new system will greatly impact the amount to be utilized in the completion of the project.

The contracting expense is expected to cost a budget of US$200,000 in which the suppliers and experts in the field will be compensated. This goes to the change of the old system and upgrading the new systems which require additional materials. The contractors are paid for the expertise on how to execute the program ascertaining high benefits and meeting the expected objectives. The interior design for the classrooms to create a conducive and interactive environment is key to the successful completion of the project (MacLeod et al. 2018). Thus, substantial amount of funds is committed to this aspect.


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