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Governance, Ethics, and Security | Best Assignment Writers

Sensitive data is one of a corporation’s most significant assets. By assuming the role of IT security consultant, I focused on several aspects that would assist in protecting or impact the corporation in diverse scenarios. Being a vital division in a corporation, the IT department’s security could be critical and safeguarded at every cost. Appropriate facilitation of diverse security mechanisms would prove a significant gain to incorporating a fortified system. Therefore, the subsequent proposal assesses some of the corporation’s issues and methods of resolving them.

Types of Security Relevant To IT Professionals

Having experienced diverse business structures play a critical role in the success of various organizations, as an IT specialist at Krest Premium, I would advocate for a more centralized operating system within the company’s IT department. This form of IT structure would be very much reliant on the business diverse objectives and purposes. Characteristically, a company’s IT structure would take up the functional approach or the general matrix model. Therefore, the integrated model would be founded on one vital aspect, ITIL. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library would play a considerably advanced and essential part in describing the IT structure. As a result, this framework would assist in dealing with some IT issues, which would assist in establishing several best practices to attain excellence. Suggesting the IT structure’s consolidated system, the organization’s IT department would integrate support teams and technical divisions. The consolidated IT framework would comprise of IT division whereby a central component operates the core systems.

Relationship of Security to Ethical IT Practices


There exists a vital affiliation between several security aspects to ethical information technology practices. Both aspects are aligned and function together to offer the best likely advancements in information technology and safety in various corporations. Security exhibits action required by various personnel in securing information at the company. Ethical conducts enhance and govern staff behaviours and play a critical role in any cybersecurity platforms. According to Bruton Brown and Sacco (2020), failure to suppress various moral principles and measures in the corporation would result in security breakdowns and breaches. Moral standards are hence required to perform several safety procedures and play a pivotal role in safeguarding the company’s operations.

Business Impacts of Information Security Breaches

Every organization is distinctive in terms of the effect of an infringement, depending on the programming and period, along with the industry of operation. Various impacts at Krest Premium attributed to security breaches include the corporation being exposed to losses in revenue. The corporation will also be predisposed to lawsuits attributed to the exposure of critical data, for instance, credit card information. The processes may be time-consuming, costly and wearying to the corporation (Jeong, Lee & Lim, 2019). A data breach may as well bear adversative impacts on the company’s general stock rates. Notwithstanding the economic impacts that would be subjected to the business, a security contravention that includes consumer data, the corporation’s profits could tumble after disclosing the violation. Lastly, the security breach may be costly to the business as it destroys the value and reputation of the brand. Therefore, the level of trust among clients reduces significantly.


Sensitive information is one of the company’s most important assets. Suitable facilitation of diverse safety mechanisms may prove to be a great gain to developing a secured system. By integrating the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, the organization can develop a framework to address issues arising from security breaches. The standards guarantee the advancement of organizational objectives and improve the company’s reputation.

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