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Google Art Projects | Do My Homework

  1. Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider), Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky

Figure 1 Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider)

The art piece ranks among the most important art pieces in the history of the 20th century.  It has a color like little black and white colors and primary colors. The authors used divergent colors in dealing with the art piece, where the black, red, green, and blue colors are used to depict different art pieces. The use of color is used to ensure contrast in the artwork, which helps demonstrate the artwork’s theme.

All the elements in the piece use a similar color, where there is no contrast in light. The shapes of the artworks are different and contain various abstract elements. There lacks scale and proportion of the elements, where the pieces are in different forms without any matching sizes or lengths. There is no balance in the artwork, where shapes and figures of different shapes, angles, and designs are used to develop this abstract piece. The use of different color schemes interferes with any likely rhythm that the artists may have intended to have in the artwork. Finally, the major emphasis on the art elements is the use of colors, which help a viewer identify the type of element used in the piece.

  1. Breath of Light, Bang, Hai Ja, 2009

Figure 2 Breath of Light

The art piece uses color, line, and symmetry. A viewer can also see the little lines, where the use of symmetry makes the artwork appear unique and well-detailed. There is the use of rough texture made possible by using many curved lines of divergent colors. There are no distinct shapes or spaces, complemented by the irregular use of color on the art piece. Nevertheless, there is the use of the balance of the artwork, where the spaces between the blue and the brown colors depict the use of balance by the painter. There is also the use of rhythm on the color schemes, where there is also an emphasis on using the two primary colors.



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