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I am studying genetically modified foods because I want to understand people’s interactions and the promotion of GM foods in China. By focusing on the product of Genetically Modified (GM) foods, I will explore how the continued promotion of the products in urban parts of China has had a significant impact on the perspectives of individuals in the country’s rural regions. By demonstrating to different individuals how this aspect influences their attitude towards life, I hope to create an enabling environment for people to engage in conversations regarding the production of the food products. By asking individuals whether GM foods should be promoted in China, I hope to receive varied feedback from my sample population. After analyzing the retrieved data, I will sift through the numerous theories to make informed decisions that reflect on the need of individuals to overcome challenges that emerge in their immediate environment.

In this study, I will explore the impact of GM food production from an analytical perspective. From my findings, I will expose the readers to a conducive environment where they can make informed decisions regarding the application of different aspects of life in their immediate environment. By highlighting the benefits and demerits of GM foods, I will allow the readers to make informed decisions without any coercion because of the need to respect individual beliefs. Fukuda-Parr argues that global conversations are being held regarding the impact of GM food products on people’s lifestyles. Although the impact on every food product available is determined by the ability of individuals to make informed decisions, creating awareness of all empowers the public. Paarlberg explores the different procedures that are introduced at every step of the process of Gene Mutation and their impact on the final products. Based on the inability of individuals to make informed decisions, the GM process has been described with a wide range of political conversations that continue to hinder individuals from discovering their preferred approach in the contemporary world. Understanding people’s needs require one to understand the different issues that hinder individuals from engaging in meaningful conversations that focus on developing viable products in their immediate environment.

Part Two: Intended Audience

In this research, the scholars intend to develop credible findings to demonstrate the devastating effects and the benefits that can be accessed by aligning one’s interests with GM products. At any given time, individuals are expected to realize various factors that focus on accomplishing the changing needs of the public and the impact of different aspects revolving around agricultural production. Creating awareness regarding the nature of GM products available in the Chinese market allows policymakers to experience people’s opinions and understand their views regarding the implementation of different values that affect human identity. On many occasions, individuals are supposed to create products and services that focus on accomplishing the changing needs of individuals and their perspectives towards the products. Even though the GM products are famous in urban parts of China, the upcountry is neglected and skeptical about the modified products because of their limited understanding of science and technology.

It should be noted that this study will focus on solving the puzzle that emerges when GM food products are mentioned. Importantly, engaging different stakeholders and observing input from various scholars regarding the issue will empower individuals to understand the problems that hinder individuals from accomplishing their desired objectives. Mainly, the research approach will dwell on different ideas that can be used in the corporate world and examining different values that focus on creating change and inspiring the world. Based on the different levels of interaction people can have in the world today, understanding the possible impact of GM foods on the public can help the policymakers reach suitable heights that meet people’s expectations. By using the quantitative research approach, this study will explore a unique path that will engage different individuals and evaluate their understanding of the specified food products. Importantly, gathering different views on the topical issue will create awareness and build on a substantial aspect of research that seeks to inform and enhance people’s understanding of GM food products. Focusing on existing research will demonstrate the impact of political conversations around GM food products and how the concept influences people’s decisions.

Part Three: Significance

Although various scholars have made inroads in the research world by exploiting the topic, providing additional information to the public that is based on limitations found in existing studies will develop a credible point of view. Examining people’s attitudes and how the political conversations around GM food products have influenced people’s decisions is an indication of the measures that seek to create awareness of healthy living. By disregarding the misconception that specific individuals in locations outside mainland China might not be aware of the impact of GM food products, this study will incorporate views from both audiences to highlight the variance in ideas. Executing this research will require scholars to consider the arguments raised by other scholars and examining how their views have shaped the public’s thought process. Likewise, this study will fulfill its obligation and demonstrate any approaches that can be used by other scholars to widen the scope of the research question and objectives.

Since the main objective is identifying the views of individuals towards GM food products, this study will dwell on the growing advertisement of the commodities in China and beyond. Many individuals are now aware of the various elements that address the changing needs of people in their surroundings and how their activities shape their perspectives. From this realization, highlighting the divergent ideas will not only promote transparency but also provide credible responses that form people’s opinions towards healthy living. According to existing studies, GM food products focus on complementing various roles that natural food products may lack. Even though the modification process might interfere with the genetic composition, examining the viability of the commodities to enhance productivity leads to the realization of objectives in this study.

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