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Geopolitical and phenomenological in Nursing | Assignment Help

The geopolitical and phenomenological aspects characterize the spatial and relational designation correspondingly. The geopolitical communities are shaped by borders that are natural or artificial. A phenomenological community epitomizes a group of individuals that has common principles, customs, welfares, including common and academics, religious conviction amongst others. The geopolitical and phenomenological determining factors impact the social health determinants that include destitution, unemployment, sprawl in urban centres among others. Community nurses encounter challenges regarding the language and individual’s principles when working with diverse communities. In the same society, they face the problem of understanding and being used, and several members see them as being naïve (Maurer& Smith 2012). These aspects prevent efficient evaluation and interventions. The boundaries have an impact on the community evaluation and interventions.

Nursing processes are involved in identifying of environmental health accounts that were instigated by exposure to substances, ailment, and injury. The nurse may assess the environmental accounts and disclose exposures to detrimental materials that are liable for detailed indicators or disorders. On the basis of observation within a community, the community nurse should integrate the nursing process to ascertain the health challenges and the causal agents. This is to enhance the integration of suitable intervention that entails screening for dangerous material, identification the sources, kind of contamination, and exposure prevention may be accomplished (Nies & McEwen, 2014). The community nurse should train the people in a community regarding the health challenges, its identification based on indicators, executing primary and secondary prevention policies to enhance public health. To overcome the problems linked to the nursing processes, there are various practices for guarantee proficiency. They include peer evaluation, reflective practices, setting goals, acquiring knowledge on diverse cultures and practices and self-evaluation together with integrating the nursing process in offering care at community settings. It consist of assessment, analysis, scheduling, and implementation.

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