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Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified foods have adverse effects on the human body and hence should not be fit for human consumption. It is believed that such goods are the eliding cause of diseases such as those which are immune to antibiotics.  Besides, as much as these foods are new inventions, much is not known about their overall long-term effects on human beings’ health. Many manufacturers fail to mention on the label that these foods are developed through genetic manipulation since they think that this would affect their business, which is another reason why these foods ought to be avoided.

GMO foods also have multiple drawbacks, where a section believes it of people that they have more potential to trigger allergic reactions. This is since they may contain genes from an allergen, which prompts an allergic reaction (Bawa & Anilakumar, 2013). However, there are no reports of any allergic effects from GMO foods currently on the market. According to some researchers, it is highly likely that eating GMO foods greatly contributes to cancer development. They believe that since mutations in DNA cause disease, it introduces new genes into the body (Rose, 2019). However, as much as the American Cancer Society says that there is no evidence for this, there is also no proof of safety, concluding that more research would be required to ascertain their effects on the body. There is also another concern that genetic modification that can boost a crop’s resistance to disease can have adverse effects on people’s ability to defend against illness. Hence, globally, there is a growing concern that individuals are getting increasingly resistant to antibiotics, which GMOs could contribute.


Therefore, people need to stick to natural foods and avoid genetically modified ones based on the raised points. Avoiding the foods will ensure that the raised health concerns are prevented. However, further research is needed to help determine the effects of GMO foods on the human body.




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