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Garbage Classification in China | Research Paper Writing Help

It is vital to study garbage classification in China in order to find out what prompted the need and urgency to start enforcing regulation on waste management. The manner in which garbage is managed concerns every individual and it begins with learning how to sort waste effectively. Garbage sorting has garnered a lot of interest in China given the efforts of the authorities to nurture good practices that enhance the environment and contribute to sustainable development. While there are numerous garbage recycling stations, garbage sorting is still a challenge. The government continues to emphasize its significance and pay more attention to this area.

As the largest developing country, urbanization in China is growing rapidly as well as the population. The surge in metropolitan population warrants effective garbage management so as to foster sustainable urban development. In order to tackle this predicament which presents a great number of garbage discharge, and cities plagued by garbage, therefore encouraging garbage sorting reclaim is vital (Zhou et al, para 16). Different countries have their ways of categorizing garbage according to their domestic conditions. In China garbage is classified into six acclaimed standards; combustible, recyclable, compostable, hazardous, large size and other waste. In the past, people would dispose all types pf garbage in a public bin, however the new sorting initiative makes sorting and transportation more convenient as different types of waste are transported by specified vehicles to waste treatment plants. China has changed its development strategy from that founded on rapid development to one that is focused on environmental protection, hence the significance of garbage classification is reiterated.

As aforesaid, the process of sorting the garbage also faces its fair share of challenges. Firstly, people are not receptive to the new idea of sorting as they still retain their established habits (Tian et al, 2). Residents are finding the new system to be complex with every item of waste being under inspection. People also have concerns over hygiene, case in point, plastic bags have to be placed in one bin and in the event the bags are dirty they have to be cleaned out. The residents are not happy about getting their hands dirty. Additionally, given the large size of China, lack of effective promotion of standard unified classification has been a drawback to the garbage sorting efforts. There is an intense population mobility in China, hence the need for more unified and standard policies at the local level on different regions. Lack thereof, will impede the implementation efforts as it cannot be enforced successfully.

The adoption of garbage classification in China has brought forth many consequences. Primarily, the strengthening of sorting, transporting and disposal facilities. There are investments put in place to update the facilities through technological research and development. Therefore, new facilities can be put into use as soon as possible. The sorted disposal of garbage means investors and entrepreneurs will take an active part in sorting and disposal making the practice in urban centers reach large scale which will in turn improve the virtuous circle of sorting and disposal. Furthermore, garbage sorting has prompted more activism and publicity to citizens regarding environmental awareness (Yu, para 21). Publicity in waste sorting requires a blend of social and school knowledge hence, residents have a good habit of garbage sorting from a tender age. The local committees also take part in creating awareness at the community level to people of different ages and levels of education. Long term publicity will employ a refined influence on residents and they can logically comprehend garbage classification knowledge.

Given the current situation of garbage classification in China, it is clear that there are some steps that need to be taken to ensure the implementation is more effective. There is need to improve the facilities used in sorting. Sorting is a system that requires a broad range of staff and security, therefore the government needs to equip with more practical hardware equipment and improve human resource with proper training (Liu et al, 489). In addition, there is need for more education and publicity, the citizens need to be informed why garbage classification is of the essence and the long term effects it will have on the environment which will be beneficial to future generations. Also, there is need for more funding from the government if garbage sorting and environmental assessment are to be successful especially in the initial stage. Most garbage entities are owned by enterprises which may lack the necessary finds for human capital, publicity and management.

In conclusion, garbage classification is extensively imposed in China and its implementation will play a crucial role in the sustainability of the natural ecosystem. Given that it is still in its early stages, the governments publicity and funding plays a great role in the implementation process. Enhancing the participation of the whole community in garbage classification is fundamental to effective enactment. Currently, majority of the refuse is categorized properly and to continue doing so garbage sorting has to become a habit and an ethical norm among people.

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