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Garbage Classification in China | Environmental Science Homework Help

Across the world, environmental concerns are increasingly becoming a focus of policymaking and governance. Governments are concerned about the increasing quantities of garbage produced in towns and cities. Increased urbanization in China has resulted in a steep growth of the urban populace and urban waste (Dou and Liu 2012). As a result, waste management has become an important issue for the government and non-governmental organizations in the country. In recent years, garbage or waste classification has featured in national discussions and media, both in China and several other countries (China Daily 2020; Junhui 2003). The government and organizations have been implementing waste classification or garbage sorting on a large scale. Wang et al. (2008) discuss the issue of increasing garbage quantities in China and waste management practices such as garbage sorting in the country. Tian et al. (2019) acknowledge that it is imperative to employ proper waste management strategies. It is indeed the appropriate time to implement waste management measures such as waste sorting, considering the growing population and increasing waste quantities in China.

While garbage sorting or classification has been largely adopted in China and the rest of the world, huge piles of garbage can be seen lying around in waste disposal places outside major cities and towns. Little research has been conducted to determine how garbage sorting contributes to waste reduction or improves waste management in China. I intend to study the merits and benefits of garbage sorting in the management of wastes in China and the rest of the world to determine whether it is beneficial and feasible. According to Wang et al. (2008), garbage from urban areas in China is left in heaps or buried in the ground. This causes pollution and a shortage of land. The authors propose that the best way to solve such problems is waste sorting and recovery. They then proceed to discuss the various benefits and challenges of waste sorting in the country. This article will provide necessary insights into waste management and garbage sorting in China.

Intended Audience and Method

The audiences for this research will be the course instructor, the government, and the industrial community at large. The instructor will be an audience for purposes of course completion and points. The research findings may also be used by the government and industry policymakers for the improvement of waste management in China. Data obtained from scholarly sources and credible publications will be used for purposes of gathering information on waste sorting and its benefits or importance. Information and data collected will then be analyzed to come up with a conclusion of the research subject. Recommendations will then be provided, based on the research findings, to improve the efficiency of urban waste management in China and other countries facing similar challenges as a result of increased urbanization and garbage quantities. Previous research into urban waste management, garbage sorting, and waste disposal will be used in the development of the research paper.


Research Significance

By completing this research, I will fulfill one of the course requirements, which is the development of a research proposal. This will contribute to my final grade. Also, my research will contribute to the urban waste management body of knowledge by explaining the importance of waste sorting in the process of waste management in urban areas. By conducting this research, I will provide answers to the question of whether it is necessary to sort garbage and the impact of garbage sorting in the control of waste disposal and management. The findings of the research will have implications on various fields including industry operations, waste management, and policymaking. They will shed light on proper urban waste management not only in China but in other countries.

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