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Funding and Utilization of The Metro System in The District of Columbia

United States traffic has been making headlines with traffic congestion, and the number of fatalities experienced every year increasing constantly. The district of Columbia is the national capital of the United States, thus being the center for numerous institutions and organizations. The district of Columbia is famously known as Washington D.C, which is the state with a population of 702,455 people, serving a traffic flow of over one million people weekly. The large population in the district contributes highly to the traffic issues encountered, hence, the establishment of the metro system. The metro system is defined as a train that has been designed to run and operate in metropolitan cities, which can either be underground or elevated (Dols). It has come to the attention of the public that the metro system in the district of Columbia is underfunded and underutilized hence the residence still experience traffic issues. The metro system should be funded to provide resources that facilitate the upgrade of the trains for the trains to be fully utilized and improve the traffic in the District of Colombia.

The Metro System in The District of Colombia

The metro system in D.C was opened in 1976 and is considered to be the busiest public transportation system in the United States. The system has six lines across 91 stations with expansive tunnels that are below and above the ground connecting the four quadrants of the district of Colombia with Maryland and Suburban Virginia (Schrag, 65). The metro system is very efficient for the local commuters because it is convenient and very affordable, but the system is not being fully utilized. The metro system has been highly criticized with various commuters, engineers and transport analyst sighting that the metro system is a fail. The metro system has been underutilized due to factors such as deferred maintenance, thus being in poor conditions. The original design of the metro rail was poorly done, contributing to delays in the tunnels. The staff and management of the metro system have been blamed for general negligence and incompetence. The different factors affecting the metro system contributed to the crash experienced near the Fort Totten station located in Northeaster, D.C. The crash killed nine people, among them the train operator and 80 people were injured.

Funding and Upgrade of the D.C Metro System

The district of the Colombia metro system requires more funding to make significant improvements to the system. The funds will be utilized in making structural changes that increase the efficiency of the metro system and reduce issues of accidents. The metro system has been in operation for over 44 years, the rail cars/ buses are worn out hence the funds will help in replacing the buses, cars, and rails lines. The funds should be allocated to enhance technology in the metro system to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Using technology will engage commuters through booking and paying of fare via the internet, thus increasing their usage of the system (Smith, Jeffery and Thomas Gihring, 760). The funds will be used in renovating the stations to provide an attractive and clean environment where commuters can relax and wait for their trains. Additionally, funds should be put aside to maintain the metro system to keep them in pristine conditions. Having the metro system in quality conditions will attract many commuters to use the trains hence favor fully utilization and reduction of traffic issues on the roads.


The metro system offers an efficient alternative to road transport in the District of Colombia. Funding of the system will revive the system by ensuring that it is functioning and is in good condition. Modification and rehabilitation of the various areas of the metro system will improve service delivery and transportation. The utilization of the metro system will minimize traffic congestion and accidents offering a safe, secure, and fast mode of transport for the commuters. The utilization of the metro system will generate more income for the government that will be used to improve the economy and maintain the metro system.

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