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Annotated Bibliography: Woodrow Wilson as a wartime president

Cohen, J. E. (2018). The Historical Memory of American Presidents in the Mass Public. Social Sciences7(3), 36.

This paper investigates past American presidents, their ideologies, and how they dealt with matters such as War. It categorically touches on presidents such as Wilson, who were some of the most notable figures to make crucial decisions on World War I. The paper by Cohen expounds on the public evaluations of such presidents. This explains the role of these presidents historically and highlights their achievements and failures. The article focuses on Woodrow Wilson, who had a significant role in times of war and played a role in the history of the United States. The key aim of this paper is to enlighten readers and voters about the United States’ historical knowledge, the effectiveness of the presidents across history, and how the future presidents need to learn or change from the lessons learned by the future president.

The author uses a mastery skill to provide the reader highlights and in-depth information that can further helps in future studies. This paper relates to the subject topic in that it gives a history of presidents such as Woodrow Wilson and why he could be referred to as a wartime president. It provides detailed information about every president, starting from George Washington to George W. Bush. Each president made history by making a huge war decision such as the world war, helping the nation progress, or undertaking any role in a huge affecting the United States. Therefore the study will be vital in the overall findings and conclusion of the research and subject matter.

Cooper Jr, J. M. (2018). Woodrow Wilson, the Great War, and the Fourth Estate.

The author of this publication talks about president Woodrow, who explains his role in the Great War and how his decisions made the country send its military to fight in Europe.

He talks about the president’s shortcomings on matters of War, and what he probably could have done differently. He illustrates the press conferences and public relations that the presidents used to spread propaganda about the enemy nations. The book views Wilson as a politician who had both success and failures in his approach to War, using the press and ensuring that the citizens were confident with his ideologies war.

The book is excellently written, where it expresses both sides of the president to ensure that the reader is conversant with some of the decisions that the president had to make to drive the narrative of War. It has very informative details regarding the president, how he approached war, and why some of his ideologies and approaches towards the war failed. The book applies to the subject of study since it provides an insight view of Woodrow Wilson as a wartime president and shows areas in which he would have proved to be a successful leader. It also shows areas where the country went wrong in getting involved in World War I.


Freud, S., & Bullitt, W. C. (2018). Woodrow Wilson: A psychological study. Routledge.

The article gives a comprehensive analysis of the life and ideologies of Woodrow Wilson. This includes the speeches, ideals, and decisions Woodrow made. The article not only entails the stories that are in the public domain but also those from unpublished information from his inmates. The article entails memoranda, records, letters, and diaries from many associates of Woodrow. This is to understand his life, choices, associations, and role in the wars. The article has in-depth details of personal life and ways of Woodrow. Hence, it is very relevant to the subject of study in that it will help in giving exhaustive information regarding the president and explain more about his role in the wars. Hence, this will help decide if it is true that the leader was indeed who people thought he was or had other hidden ideologies and motives.

This is a very informative and essential reading for the study since it will help in ensuring that all information regarding Woodrow and ultimately help ensure that the overall findings, conclusion, and recommendations of the study are exhaustively analyzed, making the research meet its expected quality.  It is creatively and well written and easy to understand and will hence be easily applied to undertaking an in-depth study of why and how Woodrow was a wartime president.

Knock, T. (2019). To End All Wars, New Edition: Woodrow Wilson and the Quest for a New World Order. Princeton University Press.

The book exhaustively expounds on the role of Woodrow Wilson in the War. The author firmly talks about the thoughts of Wilson and his policy towards revolutions. It talks about his dramatic call to “peace without a victory” in World War. Throughout the book, the author expounds on the failures of Wilson in the decisions on War and his compelling visions. He is definite about the intellectual capacities of Wilson, his bravery in the company of radicals and specialists, and a person who thought of coming up with new ideas for solving problems. However, the author tries to prove that the leader lacked historical instinct. Through his press conferences about the War, he fails to ignore that the War ignores the slaughter of innocent Europeans intending to just win a war. Finally, the author shows the factors that led to Wilson’s undoing, including lack of experience in War, international affairs, and negotiations.

The book is hence applicable to the topic of study in that it expounds more about the leader, where it talks about his strengths and weaknesses, his undoing, and why he is considered a wartime president. It is also very applicable to the subject of study in that it ultimately provides intriguing details of how the president was directly involved in the War, and his lack of empathy towards millions of innocent civilians who would be affected by the War was in Europe, where his own goals were to emerge victorious. From the information provided, then it will be relatively easier to make conclusion about the topic of study about the history and role of President Wilson on war.

Nye Jr, J. S. (2019). The rise and fall of American hegemony from Wilson to Trump. International Affairs95(1), 63-80.

The journal article by Nye expounds more on the leadership of Woodrow Wilson. It highlights his presidency and his role in advocating for War. The article shows that Woodrow sent over 2 million men to fight in Europe, which is a clear highlight of his role in making a critical decision regarding the country and its participation in the War. The article also expounds on leadership and its influence in making critical decisions for a nation such as the United States. It also highlights the economic and military power of the United States.

The journal is quite definite about other presidents of the United States and their roles, more so on matters of War and use of the military. It hence relates to the subject topic since it has insightful information that can help decide the role of Woodrow Wilson, who made a major decision regarding the participation of America in wars such as the second War. It also expansively compares the decisions made by Wilson with other presidents. This aids in understanding the magnitude of his war decision compared to his other counterparts, such as George Washington and President Trump.


Ponder, S. (2018). Woodrow Wilson, the Great War, and the Fourth Estate.

The book thoroughly talks about the presidency of Wilson, which was between 1913 and 1921. It speaks of how the president changed from past presidents where he would hold press conferences, more so when talking on matters of the World War. It also talks about how he became a center of federal policymaking and grew to symbolize national leadership. The author, however, explains how the president became a controversial figure for being a wartime propagandist, where he created a propaganda agency for War and a committee for public information. These agencies ‘role was to flood the press and the country with anti-Germany messages, where the role was to make everyone support the war effort. This made the president one of eth most studied American presidents, more so on matters of propagating about War.

The book is exhaustively written, with great details about President Wilson, his ideologies and failures on matters involving war. It hence relates to the topic of study due to the insightful information, which will aid in comprehensively providing thorough research with details, facts, and views on the president. It also helps prove that President Wilson was a wartime president who played a huge role in World War I.

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