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Food Matters

The video is about a young girl Brook Bates who expresses the struggle of obesity in her life. She encounters three types of problems with obesity condition. Firstly, she suffers isolation in the school with her condition where she is bullied by other kids who frequently tease and ask if she is pregnant. The isolation situation illustrates how Bates was frustrated because of her body. The second problem that Bates encounters is that she was never satisfied with eating. Obesity condition made her eat more food than anyone else in the family. She even sneaks to eat leftovers after mealtime. It implies that obesity condition gives a person the urge to eat continuously, which is addictive. Finally, Bates struggles with how she can reduce her body by observing a balanced diet, visited doctors, and practiced like a kid, but all strategies never worked until she did liposuction. Her story shows how obese people struggle in life with their conditions and how it is difficult to get out of the condition.
Analyzing Brook Bates’ life story struggle with obesity, I strongly disagree with her that liposuction is the way to reduce body weight. Bates was the one who worsened the situation even after the efforts of her trying to give her a balanced diet. If she had managed to control her addiction to food, it would have been easier to reduce body weight. On her side, she took the condition lightly until the point she couldn’t bear the body. In my view, a properly balanced diet and enough daily practice obesity will vanish with time. It has worked for several people without going for the liposuction process.

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