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Fitness Plan

Basal energy requirement

His energy requirement is 1968 kcal/day, whereas his total energy expenditure is 3464.

The maximum heart rate calculation

220 – 43 = 177 beats per minute (bpm)

Jake’s activity energy expenditure

10 minutes per mile = 0.372822715 s / m

Total energy cost of the workout is 0.372822715 x 200 x 10 = 745.64543(MOORE, 2011)

New exercise program based on the FITT principle

There will be a need for Jake tohave anew exercise program that will help him become more physically fit(Billinger, Boyne, Coughenour, Dunning, & Mattlage, 2015).


Exercise between 3 and 5 times per week.


Ensure to maintain the heart rate between 60 – 80 %
Should ensure that the exercise run for 15 to 20 minutes, with an exclusion of warm up and cool down.


The exercises will involve as many muscles as possible
They will include ::

Basic Strength Training


Work out each body part twice or thrice a week. This will include different parts of the body on different days.
Have a weight that can be performed 10 to 15 times (repetitions) per set.
The exercise sessions will last between 30 to 45 minutesin the beginning. With time, this will be increased from 45 to 90 minutes.

The rest between sets will be between 2 to 3 minutes.
Should perform compound exercises and isolation exercises.Isolation exercises will include  Bicep curls, Tricep extensions, Leg extensions, etc.(Billinger, Boyne, Coughenour, Dunning, & Mattlage, 2015).


The aerobic exercises are essential for Jake in that they will help him improve on his cardiovascular conditioning and reduce any risk of heart disease.  The aerobic will also help him control his blood sugar levels and ensure that his lung functioning is improved. On the other hand, strength training will aid him in managing or losing weight (Mitchell, et al., 2019). Aerobics also help will also help him to increase his metabolism, where he will have the potential of burning more calories(Fuller, Hartland, Maloney, & Davison, 2018).  Strength training will also be vital since it will improve his quality of life and enable him to be at ease when doing everyday activities.Strength training is also crucial in that it aids in increasing the metabolism to help burn more calories(Berryman, et al., 2018). It also helps control the body fats, which ultimately reduces the risk of getting any chronic diseases.

Personal reflection

I have learned that fitnessand weight management are of much importance. An example of its significance is the benefitsof aerobics, where it can help in weight management or losing weight. Another great examplelearned from the study is the need to lift weight constantly, where it can help boost the quality of life. Finally, I have much learned about the importance of diet in weight management.

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