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Fire in Australia Research Paper | Homework Help Experts Online

A Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography on Australia Fires

Part 1: Crafting Your Research Proposal

            Providing Context

Natural calamities hinder the growth and development of a country because of its ability to consume resources and the attention of individuals. Recently, Australia has been affected by wildfires that claimed the lives of wild animals and other creatures that define the natural aspect of the country. By highlighting the impact of the Australian fires on people’s lifestyles, the world is concerned about the ability of the country to revert to its original status. Having experienced the calamities that have limited or no human identity, understanding the changing needs of individuals in the country requires one to overcome the challenges associated with the events. With different scholars developing varied arguments regarding the cause and prevention of the bushfires, aspects such as climate change and global warming are part of the problems that will be addressed in this paper.

A mixture of extreme heat, drought, and strong winds have been consistently mentioned as the causes of the bush fires terrorizing Australia and denying the inhabitants of their freedoms to bond with mother nature. However, the continuous heatwaves experienced in the country over the years might have a significant impact on the bushfires. From this realization, engaging different stakeholders and discussing the approaches that can be introduced to declare Australia a safe habitat might not be helpful. Instead, evaluating the activities of various corporations and human activity might enable the relevant authorities to make informed decisions that focus on solving the problem affecting the country. By formulating valid arguments that focus on the outcomes recorded in Australia, the world will understand the significance of afforestation and introducing measures that regulate the process of industrialization on the environment.

Describing Particulars

The target audience in this research comprises policymakers in Australia and beyond because of their role in developing programs that regulate human activities. Even though natural calamities cannot be controlled, creating an enabling environment where people understand the impact of their actions is essential. Engaging the public will enable the researchers to acquire ideas that shape their perspectives and other aspects, which influence the outcomes of events in the contemporary world. Understanding the needs of each population group will determine the tactics the scholars will use to bridge the knowledge gap that hinders individuals from upholding specific approaches that dictate their existence. Any research study should embrace a certain level of objectivity that influences the paths taken by the relevant authorities and their ability to solve the immediate problem. Although the Australian is incapable of solving the bushfires, there is a need for individuals to develop an informative approach that resonates with the interests of the people.

Identifying approaches that suit the interests of the two audiences is an important aspect that will determine the success of this research. For example, scholars can develop a policy paper that convinces the leaders and the government on the benefits associated with adopting the outlined proposition. In the same vein, conducting awareness programs across the country will improve the relations between the researchers and the citizenry, where people will now be informed of the causes of the bush fires. Since there is a way that individuals prefer to be addressed, the scholars should establish the needs and expectations of each population group and develop an informative material that sheds light on the bushfires in Australia. Coming at a time when everyone is willing to help, the scholars should demonstrate approaches that can be used to overcome challenges in their immediate environment.

Explaining Significance

Conducting this research is essential because of the need to control the flow of information regarding Australian bush fires. In many instances, individuals might fail to understand the approaches that govern individual needs and their role in creating an enabling environment for conversations. By sharing the findings of this study with the rest of the world, the scholars will develop a perfect setting that regulates the concepts used by individuals to embark on their efforts in protecting the natural habitat. By approaching each population group with a certain level of care, it becomes crucial for the governing authority to develop strategies that focus on addressing the issues affecting individuals in their surroundings

By using both qualitative and quantitative research methods, this study will explore the importance of specific procedures that might influence human activities taking place in Australia and beyond. While governments around the world are embarking on a journey that focuses on solving the problem of global warming and climate change, the influence of industrialization should be examined to create informative solutions that address people’s needs. By engaging in activities that focus on overcoming problems in the contemporary world, obtaining personal views and their perspectives towards the fires will help create a perfect environment where people can hold meaningful conversations.

Part 2: Composing Annotations

Simke, Ariella. “How Will The Australian Bushfires Impact The Ocean? Here’s What We Know.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 05 Feb. 2020, https://www.forbes.com/sites/ariellasimke/2020/01/10/how-will-the-australian bushfires-impact-the-ocean-heres-what-we-know/#55b8490957de

In this report, the author takes a different approach to demonstrate the impact of Australia’s bushfires on the ocean. Considering the focus of many people on the immediate consequences of the natural calamity on aspects such as wildlife and human existence, Ariella explores the effects of the fire on the ocean. Animals within the marsupial family have taken the heat from the fire, with many of them being displaced and killed in their feeble attempts to flee the affected forests. Having to watch bears and kangaroos suffer under this calamity is heartbreaking because of Australia’s focus to create an enabling environment for them as a way of restoring their culture. Even though the country has failed to contain the bushfires, many of the animals and properties worth a lot of money has been consumed in the disaster, creating a climate of fear for the people who are sleeping waiting for the unknown to happen. Climate change has been largely attributed to the causes of the fire, and the author acknowledges that the effects might not be immediate but will be experienced after some while. Based on the feedback of this author, the report highlights increased sea temperatures, high ocean acidity, and flooding, as some of the consequences that will be accrued in the outcome.

Tarabay, Jamie. “Why These Australia Fires Are Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 05 Feb. 2020, https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/21/world/australia/fires-size-climate.html

By January 21, 2020, more than 16 million acres had been consumed by the raging bushfires, which appear to have a more lasting impact on the country’s interactions with other people. Many individuals around the world are concerned about the efforts, Australian states are taking to prevent the disaster from overstretching. Jamie indicates that the Australian fires are different from what people might have seen in other regions because of their devastating effects that interfere with the lifestyles of individuals and that of wildlife. Compared to those that claimed forests in California, the Australian bushfires might be worse because of their ability to claim vast tracts of land in populated areas. Despite the efforts of the firefighters to contain the fire, the disaster continues to claim property and life in the natural habitat. Likewise, the efforts of the Australian government to conserve the environment might have fallen short of the expected goals because of the approaches taken by each side to contribute to the successful implementation of the proposed strategies. By evaluating the effects of wildfires, individuals around the world should understand the efforts of individuals to overcome situations affecting their calls for existence. Understanding the changing needs of individuals creates an enabling environment for holding a conversation where people can understand the aspects that contribute towards bushfires in the country.

Crawford, Julia. “Effect of the Australian bushfires on our vets.” Veterinary Record 186.6 (2020): 193-193.

Bushfires are a common occurrence in summer because of the heatwaves that affect individuals and other aspects of natural habitats. With the unpredictable nature of disasters taking place over the years, it has become impossible for the Australian governments to operate and accomplish their desired objectives. For instance, the focus on solving issues affecting individuals and the interests of citizens has hindered the governing authorities from their ability to create viable solutions to the continent. In the latest fire attack, 25.5 million acres were consumed by the natural calamity, compelling the rest of the world to engage in conversations that seek to develop viable solutions that can address the pertinent issue. While the speed of the wind was recorded at a high of 60 miles per hour, installing windbreakers and encouraging individuals to plant trees are some of the long-term objectives that should be considered in this study. Importantly, examining the state of Australia’s habitat cover and some of the measures that might have been implemented is a perfect starting point that can be explored by the country.

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