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Financial Literacy Essay | Homework Help For Students

Financial literacy is considered as the capacity to comprehend and efficiently use several monetary skills, comprising of individual monetary regulations, making financial arrangements and investments. It assists individuals in cultivating self-sufficiency to realize fiscal consistency. Financial literacy involves gaining knowledge on the elementary monetary managing values and using them in life.  It also includes the adeptness of monetary values and conceptions such as monetary organization, compound interest, management of debts, gainful saving methods, and the time value for money (Huston, 2010). The absence of monetary knowledge may result in poor decision making on financial alternatives that may have negative impacts on the economic welfare of a person.

The key steps to accomplishing financial literacy entail learning budget-making skills, the capability to trail spending, studying the techniques of paying off debts, and effective planning for retirement. Moreover, these phases may also take account of analysis from a monetary professional. Training concerning the matter comprises interpretation of functions of money, developing and attaining economic objectives, and management of interior and exterior financial problems. Most latent pensioners lack info on banking and capitalizing upon retirement. Countless individuals decline to plan into the future, and they take on monetary dangers devoid of comprehending it. Debt challenges are harsh for a massive percentage of the populace as a consequence of economic illiteracy. Young people, on average, are less economically proficient as compared to their elders.

Importance of Financial Literacy

Financial education may profit individuals of all age brackets and levels of income. For young grown-ups about to start working, it may provide the primary tool for planning to enable the control of expenditures and dues can be regulated. Financial education assists people in obtaining the discipline to develop a saving culture for their home or the education of their children.

Having financial management skills assists in mitigating the possibility of financial crimes and other financially related risks. Financial illiteracy may result in many individuals being targets of predacious borrowing, subprime loans, deception, and interest tariffs that are high, resultant in lower credit score and insolvency (Lusardi and Mitchell, 2014). The basic knowledge will, therefore, be able to assist individuals in foreseeing the impending risks involved and arguing or justifying with any well-informed or learned individual.

As part of daily life, every person regularly arrives at decisions that influence our well-being economically. From young adults first receiving a stipend to becoming profitably engaged in having a family and retirement, there are a host of phases in life, each requiring a diverse monetary approach. I would use some of the principles such as savings and budgeting because it will assist in becoming financially secure and also offer a viable option in case of an emergency. Also, seeing the cost of education soar higher, savings will assist in meeting the demands and the cost of education. I would achieve this by saving money meant for lunch and carry packed lunch from home. Furthermore, developing a budget using my net income that will enable me to know the amount of money I will possess after taxes and dedications.


An individual’s level of financial knowledge significantly distresses a person’s quality of life. It affects the capacity to make available for dependents and on a personal level, approach to income and asset, as well as involvement in community-based projects. Financial literacy empowers individuals to comprehend what is required to accomplish a financially balanced lifestyle, justifiable, principled, and accountable. It also aids businesspersons in leveraging other person’s currency for business purposes of producing better sales and profit margins. Intensifying the degree of financial literacy will also end in the monetary addition, which is required by each individual.

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