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Finance Essay Example | Do My Finance Homework Online

Chapter 7.2 #2 – The best method is saving the money in a money market account. They offer a higher yield than the traditional savings account; thus increase in wealth is more significant. They offer easy access to the money as they offer a limited number of checks and debits transactions monthly; thus, the money can be accessed to maintain liquidity.

Chapter 7.3 #3 – Three wrong loan management moves are; the hard money loan, engaging debt consolidators, and the credit card balance transfers. The best way to consolidate the loan on your own is by taking a home equity loan as it has the advantage of carrying low-interest rates or refinance the car you own.

Chapter 8.1 #2 – I have encountered an identity theft type of consumer scam. The scammers had called inquiring about my credit cards and debts that I had never opened. The data from the Federal Trade Commission shows that there were nearly 1.7 million fraud reports in 2019(Ward, 2019). The most prevalent form of consumer fraud was imposter scams.

Chapter 8.2 #3 – The most significant benefit of buying a car is that the ownership of the car transfers to the buyer thus can sell at any time as one is not locked into ant type of ownership program. Leasing a car is advantageous due to the lower costs associated with acquiring and maintenance. I would instead buy than lease a car as my needs are long term, making buying less costly over a long period.

Chapter 9.1 #6 – The macroeconomic factors affecting the real estate industry are interest rates and government subsidies. The most recent trends in real estate are that the mortgage rates are low, entry of millennial buyers, and the slow rise of house prices. The essential macroeconomic factor in analyzing while in the dilemma of buying a house or building a house is the house’s cost. The lower the cost, the more viable option

Chapter 9.2 #1 – An adjustable mortgage occurs when the terms of engagement state that the interest rates applied on the outstanding amount varies throughout the loan. The advantage of such a mortgage is the lower interest rates offered and increased the purchasing power of the homeowners.

Chapter 9.3 #2 – A purchase sale agreement is a legally binding contract that defines the buyer and seller conditions of the property. The information presented on the contract includes; addresses of both parties, price, date, terms of sale, and default provision.

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