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Fictional Narrative Short Story Sample | College Assignment Help

The current story unfolds with the introduction of three close friends: Matt a 13-year-old lad from a low-income family, messy, angry, and greedy; Christian, Matt’s age-mate, neat, generous, loving, and from an affluent family; and Nico, a good-looking young lad, honest, and from a religious family. They had been watching an adventurous movie based on a book they had read about a deserted island with massive treasure, the Kinoobi Island. After the movie, and as they bid Christian bye to get back to their home, Matt exclaimed, “What if…!” Curious to know what their childhood friend wanted to say, Christian interjects, “don’t tell us it’s one of your crazy ideas.” “Well… you could call it that! What if we found that treasure, right now, remember the book, we’ve all read it, and everything in the movie happened as written in the book.” Now showing some interest, Nico exclaims, “the book has a map! Only that it’s called Umwami Island, unlike Kinoobi as in the movie.” “That’s exactly what I was saying. Christian, we should borrow your dad’s canoe tonight and head for the island. We will be back by evening before anyone notices.“ Matt with an excited voice. “We meet here in twenty minutes, Christian, get the canoe ready.”

The evening was approaching fast, and the boys needed to get home fast before night fell, for they did know the dangers night brings with it. They had spent nearly the whole day looking for hidden treasure they believed to exist in a deserted island, just as they had watched in the movies. As matt was scouring the woods, he came across a dark wooden box. At first, he was reluctant to open it as dark objects were often associated with bad omen. “But suppose this is the treasure we have been looking for all day?” he mumbled. Matt had always dreamt of becoming a treasure hunter since he was six. The idea of visiting a deserted island, digging up hidden treasure, and becoming rich could not leave his mind. He made up stories of them being pirates. This was it. He had discovered some hidden money and gold that Joey a criminal who had had hidden the treasure and had been looking for the treasure ever since.

Filled with excitement, he dragged the box along the sand to where Christian and Nico were. “I found it! The hidden treasure, I matt, have found the treasure!!” he exclaimed. Excitement had now started filling the hearts of Nico and Christian. They were only thirteen, but they had already found a hidden treasure, or at least Matt had. Matt said that he wanted to carry the treasure with them back home and that way they would become rich after selling it. “boys, what about the owner of the treasure? I think it is wrong to carry someone else`s treasure.”Nico muttered, “it is against Christian teachings to do that; it is a grave sin…” “who cares whether it is a sin or not! The treasure was meant for us, us and only us.” Intercepted Matt. Matt`s greedy nature had now surfaced and taken control over him. It was explicitly clear that he wanted the treasure and would do anything humanly possible to keep it.

Suddenly, a ground-shaking noise went boom throughout the sky. A storm was gathering. Nico and Christian scampered to the canoe. Nico was first up hushing for matt and Christian to hurry. Matt was still attached to carrying the treasure and was now dragging the box to the canoe. Upon loading it onto the canoe, the canoe sunk nearly a foot into the seawater. “We cannot carry the box, Matt; it is too heavy for the canoe.” Said Nico. Matt did not even want to think of leaving the treasure behind, not in the slightest. “Hey Matt, look at me!” said Christian holding Mark on his cheeks “we have to leave the box; otherwise, we will never make it home, boy!”

It was not until further persuasion that Matt agreed to leave the treasure. He shoved out an old map from his backpack and marked a point X. this was the point where they had left the treasure, and he would be coming back for it on a later day, or at least he thought. The canoe cut the waters as the sun sunk in the horizon.

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