Female Praxis: Me Too Campaign

The #MeToo campaign has been standard amongstnumerousglobaland local options, and it is identified as a movement against sexual assault and aggravation. This campaignbecame viral in 2017 through the use of hashtag #MeToo across varied social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as diverse personalities attempted to articulate the widespread pervasiveness of sexual aggravation and sexual attack, particularly in workstations.The #MeToo Movement was started in 2006 and was instigated in 2006 on the MySpace platform by Tarana Burke, a sexual harassment survivor (Fileborn 1).The keyaimof the campaign was to generate and boost empowerment through empathy, particularly for women of color that have encountered sexual harassment, predominantly in disadvantagedsocieties.

By partaking in the online interaction, I will enhance my ability to comprehend the diverse situations that women are subjected to and the incapability of social frameworks to back their predicament against rogue male colleagues. The central role played in the campaign was to offer a platform for casualty women to disseminate their experiences of sexual attacks and abuse. Community-based action of the me-too campaign in my state is empowering many females to petition for justice and reprimandthe perpetrator. #Metoo campaign exposedsome incidents of human smuggling, domestic partner vehemence, sexual harassment at the workstation, persons of color, and incest across the entire state of California. In brief, the critical goal of partaking in the #Metoo campaign was drawing the public’s attention towards the society’s dark society, personalities, and bureaucrats, among others (Khomani). All the happenings of the me-too campaign are emphasizing the demand of girls concerningequity in the community.

Variedresponses of media have been perceivedall through the period of the Me-Too campaign across state borders. Coverage from the press made the Me-too campaign recognized nationally, which has brought down the occupations of numerouspersonalities, political figures, and actors. Media exposure played a vital role in the Me-too campaign as it could expunge, influence, and reveal the actuality amongst the public. Moreover, mass media has the prospectiveof presenting a lie as the truth in the public’s eyesDe (Benedictis 718).During the media’s coverage of the Me-too campaign, media expunged the sources of sexual exploitation and violence that started from Harvey Weinstein and Valerie Wieskamp, who were offenders. Both the #Metoo movement and media coverage bear a significant impact on the public. Coverage by the media and the #Metoo campaign was closely followed; however, it failed to result in any structural changes in the system could not lead to any structural change in the system to bring justice to the victim women.

During the #Metoo campaign, I witnessed that notwithstanding themassive development and educational progressions, there is a gender disparity that is replicated in these actions of attacks and manipulations.The gender gap is mainly attributed to men’s lack of moral preparation to respect females around them. Moreover, women do not have the essential knowledge of sexual undertakings.Suppression of women was replicated in the cruel deeds of rape and attacks. These instances are growing at a disturbing rate. Dissolute and Unethical behavior amongst men appears to be an expansion of their authority. The authority of men results in the suppression of women. Thus, they continue being abused by men in all places. It is rather a dreadful state where the circumstances of sexual exploitation and incest are growing daily.

Feminist philosophies such as liberal feminism are crucial in emphasizing the numerous challenges women experience within a patriarchal society. The victimization methods utilized by reprobate men and social organizationsdisheartens women from expressing themselves and managing various problems in their environments. This concept advocates that fresh social practices are designed by taking into account the decisions and conducts of the individuals. In this regard, using the current resources on feminism and aligning my interests with the objectives and intentionsdefined by movements such as #MeToo and others that advocatefor the equal privileges of women (Bhattacharyya).Engaging persons online through surveys and interview sessions wouldsimilarly enable me to understand the diversestandpointsregarding women’s roles in society and their capability to solvenumerousconcernsthat significantly impact the quality of communications with their male colleagues.

While we ought to caution against a gullible feel-good narrative that speaking out about my experiences will in and of itself develop change, what we have seen with the #MeToo campaign is something much more inspirational. The way narratives have been disseminated, even on individual’s private social media profiles, has frequently been either infused with or very explicitly regarding cohesion. Although the liberal mainstream, riven with the powers that profit from silence amongst women, will try to depict this as anadditionalinstance of individual empowerment, we may see the glimmer and the probable for something much more authoritative.The culmination of sexual aggravation and violence against women necessitates a massive feminist movement keen to go further than hashtags and discrete testimony, vital as both are, to a relentless and planned force adept at eradicating the supremacy difference between men and females.



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