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Favorite Recording Artists Essay | College Homework Help

Based on creativity, content, and other musical aspects, my favorite artist is Ariana Grande-Butera. Ariana Grande is a music writer, actor, and music producer. Ariana was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida, and is an Italian American. Ariana started singing while she was still a child and involved herself in Broadway play in 2008. Later, she began releasing albums, which fueled her popularity on social media platforms. Ariana has teamed up with other musicians like Macy Gray, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber. Gloria Estefan, Madonna, Celine Dion encouraged Ariana to grow her music career. Ariana has been listening to 90s music and hip-hop while growing and has also released several solo albums.

Ariana has won eleven Grammy nominations, six IHeartRadio, five MTV Video, Music Awards, three American Music Awards. She became a nominee of Brit Awards for being the best global female solo artist in 2016 and 2017. She became a nominee of the Billboard Music Awards for being the top social artist, top female, and top artist. In 2013, Ariana Grande was the year’s artist and won the same title in 2016 and 2018. Additionally, Ariana was the most favorite Rock/Pop female artist in 2015 and 2018. Ariana has been on the United States billboards several for being one of the best musicians in the country. Ariana’s music genres include trap music, hip hop, and Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

Ariana’s songs have covered distinct subjects such as moving on, self-love and empowerment, independence, breakups, wealth, sex, and love. Marian Carey and Whitney Houston are Grande’s vocal influences. In total, the famous American musician has released 40 music videos, seven promotional singles, 48 singles, 2 EPs (Extended Plays), a single remix album, a single live album and a compilation album, and five studio albums. Grande’s popularity has grown, and she has over forty million subscribers on her YouTube channel. The artist has over seventy million followers on Twitter and more than one hundred and seventy million followers on Instagram.

One of Ariana Grande’s produced song was featured on Zedd in 2014. The song’s title was “Break Free” from the “My Everything” album. Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, and Anton Zaslavski were the writers of the song. Chris Marris Piliero was Ariana’s director for the song. The song interests me because of its unique features. Ariana is on a fictitious planet setting some captives free in the presence of an evil regime. The overlord of the planet and a giant robot attacks her, but she successfully kills her attackers, and Ariana flies away in a space ship with other prisoners. The Music Business Association awarded Ariana Grande 2014’s year’s award. Out of the two hundred and twenty nominations, Ariana has won one hundred and eight awards.

I love Ariana Grande because she has worked hard to succeed in her music. She started singing while she was very young, and her hard work has earned several awards and nominations. Some of the awards include MTV Awards, iHeartRadio Awards, Grammy Awards, Glamour Awards, Gaffa Awards, Billboard Awards, BET Awards, BBC Awards, Bambi Awards, Aria Music Awards, and American Music Awards among others. Ariana Grande has ignited my love for RnB music and appreciates it, and her success has always empowered me.

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