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Sustainability is essential in the contemporary business world for a safer and cleaner environment. The use of recyclable material plays a significant role in ensuring that production designs reduce the carbon footprint since the material can be re-used to create new products. Recyclable material is easy to break down into raw materials without the need to create new resources. Recycling sneakers is paramount in the

Use of Recyclable Material

The number of sneakers discarded in the US annually is approximately 300 million. These sneakers take 30 to 40 years to decompose, thus negatively affecting the environment. The sneaker company’s innovative ways to improve productivity entail the use of revolutionary new foam technology. The technology ensures the company recycles old sneakers and remodels them into new shoes (‌ Aguila, 2021). One of the materials will be derived from recycled plastics majority of which are from the oceans. The eco-friendly material will be used to knit yarn that will be used in designing new shoe models. The use of plastics recycled from the ocean guarantees the continuity of the marine ecosystem due to reduced pollution. This positively impacts the environment since the eco-materials do not sacrifice the environment.


The customers return their old sneakers to the company through a buy-back program; thus, the development teams break down the shoes to form new material used as components for future styles (‌ Aguila, 2021). Recyclable yarn can also be used in other projects, such as the creation of reusable bags. The use of recyclable material such as algae and other organic components in sneaker collections is an eco-innovation technology that will ensure environmental sustainability.


The development of sneakers with organic materials is revolutionary since it greatly impacts the environment and business operations in building a more sustainable ecosystem. The use of recyclable plastic is particularly crucial since the design involves a knitted yarn that can be used in different silhouettes, unveiling a versatile sneaker look.

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