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For a fashion company to understand its consumers, it has to be equipped with multipletools. The tools ensure that it is knowledgeableabout what should be done to lure theconsumers into buying its products.ย  From the article by WWD Studios (2021), it is manifest that the company first understands the clients’ needs before embarking on developing itsproducts.

The use of social mediaand online platforms is a key tool used by the company to ensure that it comes up with changesand ideas in line with the fashion trends. A company such as Shein, a global fashion retailer, understands its consumers where it ranks in the top two of American teens’ favorite sitesย (WWD Studios, 2021).ย  As aresult, it has an incubator program aimed at expanding and identifying merging talents, whichis one factor that makes it attractive to itsconsumers.

Fashion industry firms need to know theirconsumers well as a way of understanding them better. Tools such as consumer insights are vital in understanding the customers’ preferences, trends, and needs. This is since they help afirm learn more about the buyers and make real changes to their products and services. Understanding the consumer alsohelps in improving the marketing and communication strategies.


The article and the weekly unit manifest that there is a need to give the consumers a priority. Companies need to establish processes and strategies that are consumer-oriented andfocus on satisfying the needs and wants of the customers. Failure to do so can resultin a drop in the number of sales acompany makes and eventuallylead to stunted growth and failure to attain a firm’s setgoals and objectives.

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