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Nursing evaluation and health promotion interventions facilitate enhanced learning and understanding of health, psychological and developmental wellness, and other alterations for the welfare of every family. Using Gordon’s eleven functional health patterns, it consents a framework for health practitioners to form the nursing evaluation leading to the nursing analysis. Understanding a family’s history and its members is vital to assess, ascertain the risk aspects and plan the health advancement to enhance the overall welfare (Wright & Leahey, 2013). Comprehending what makes up a “family” for a specific communal unit assists the nurse in evaluating and interpolating for family health promotion. The paper discusses the family structure, health behaviors, health pattern strengths, health challenges, obstacles to health, and family systems theory pertinent to Caucasian families in the US.

Family Structure

This family selected for this evaluation is a middle-class, Caucasian family residing in the sub-burbs. Vichai’s family comprises five family members, including Mr. Vichai, 49, his wife, 41, three children aged between 20, 18, and 15, respectively. The family relocated from Columbia to the United States approximately ten years ago. As a Caucasian family, the family upholds its respect towards elders, including the father, mother, and grandparents. The father and mother mainly undertake the decision-making process and powers.

Nonetheless, they always seek other family members’ advice before arriving at a final decision. Within the family, every member seeks advice from the grandparents who reside in Columbia. The household continues to uphold the traditions, values, and festivals with other extended family members residing in the United States. They are not regarded as staunch Christians but occasionally attend church services and adhere to church traditions.

Family Health and Health Behaviours

The family is regarded as healthy and participates in moderate physical activities, such as cycling, trekking, playing basketball, and garden care to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The family partakes in physical activities approximately twice each week. They also maintain consistent follow-ups with doctors, for instance, dental and vision assessments. Moreover, no family member engages in substance abuse such as tobacco or alcoholic beverages. Both the father and mother ail from hypertension and have prescribed medication to regulate the condition. At the age of 18, the father had arthritis and therefore wore knee braces while walking. He is also considered to be obese, and his wife is known to have sleep concerns. Every member of the family dawns spectacles because of vision issues.

Findings on Health Problems and Barriers

Regarding the evaluation of the family, most of the functional health patterns or strengths include healthy meal consumption, strong support from family, and frequent physical undertakings. The household’s functional health and well-being may be evaluated of routines, verbal and non-verbal communication, and undertakings of day-to-day living. The family is specific regarding what they consume by guaranteeing the meals are made of sufficient nutrients, for instance, meat, vegetables, fruits, and reducing fatty and unhealthy meals. Members of the family strongly support each other in numerous facets, such as emotional, mental, and physiological support. Lastly, the household is actively engaged in physical undertakings, trekking outdoors, playing tennis, swimming, and taking care of the garden. The existing health barriers experienced by both parents include having hypertension; the father is overweight and suffered from arthritis since the age of 18. Because of arthritis, he cannot participate in intense physical undertakings like running or partaking in weight-bearing acts. Another identified issue is that both the husband and wife admitted that their sex life is lacking. The children, in most cases, feel left out not just in their learning institutions but also at home and therefore focusing on video games and other activities rather than engaging in activities together as a family.

Family Systems Theory

According to Whitlney (2018), family system theory defines the family as a complete system, and each household member impacts the other. This family is acknowledged as traditional nuclear and preserves the communication in the family. A person does not exist in segregation but is considered to part of the group or family structure. Every member of the family experiences inseparability, affection, and understanding of the family structure. However, the family member is considered to be a self-governing thinker with discrete purpose-driven deeds. The influence in a Family is critical in a family structure if any member of the family is compelled to change their health behavior. For example, one of the members of the family enrolled in high school had a lot of constant worries affecting his school work and physical undertakings. Brother to the high school child, who is presently engaged as a nurse, ascertained the challenge and deliberated with the family. The family, as the complete system deliberated and established that they need to instill a significant level of confidence and extra teaching to aid in minimizing the stress levels. The level of support offered by the family has extremely assisted the brother in reducing the stress levels.


It is vital to effectively evaluate and comprehend the family structure to offer patient care and advance health practices effectively. Family plays a vital part in preserving family members’ health and encouraging a healthy lifestyle and customs. Therefore, it is significant for nurses to assess the family unit to assist the patient in growing towards improved behaviors. Incorporating tools like the Eleven Functional Health Patterns by Gordon helps disclose numerous supportive truths concerning individuals, households, and society.

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