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False / True Homework Example | Get Answers To Homework Questions

Tell whether the following are True or False according to the knowledge you have learned.

  1. The French royal family was among the most active patrons of the International Gothic. King Charles V had three brothers, The youngest of them, Philip the Bold, became duke of Burgundy in 1363; Works of art helped further Philip’s status, providing an important example for his successors. (True)
  2. Andrea Pisano’s bronze doors for the baptistery completed in 1360 were an impressive example of Florentine taste and piety. Their success inspired the overseers of the works at the baptistery, the Guild of Wool Merchants, to open another competition for a second set of bronze doors. Seven artists made trial reliefs for this competition, though only two of them survive. Filippo Brunelleschi and Lorenzo Ghiberti. The Guild chose Filippo Brunelleschi’s work ultimately. (False)
  3. Leonardo, Bramante, Michelangelo, Raphael, Giorgione, and Titian were all sought after in early sixteenth-century Italy, and the two who lived beyond 1520, Michelangelo and Titian, were internationally celebrated during their lifetimes. (True)
  4. Beginning in 1534, Michelangelo painted for Paul Ⅲ a powerfull vision of The Last Judgment. It took eight years to complete the fresco, which was unveiled in 1543. (True)
  5. In “The calling of St. Matthew by Caravaggio, The beam of sunlight in the darkness above Jesus is most decisive in determining the work’s meaning and style. The strong beam of light against the dark background is known as a tenebristic effect, or tenebrism. (True)
  6. Bernini’s David shows us a distinctive feature of Baroque sculpture: its new, active relationship with the surrounding space. But it is meant to be seen, as is most other Baroque sculpture, from one primary point of view. (False)
  7. Because the Palace of Versailles and other vast building projects glorified the French King, We are tempted to think of French art in the age of Louis XIV as merely an expression of absolute rule. French historians are reluctant to call this style Baroque but refer to it instead of the “Style of Louis XIV”. (False)
  8. The painting of the Venetian artist Canaletto, known for his Vedute(“view ”painting.) were especially popular with the British, particularly young men on the Grand Tour after their formal schooling. (True)
  9. Among the pictures that established West’s reputation are his Agrippina with the Ashes of Germanicus of 1768, which reflects the stoic self-sacrifice of a Roman general to save his country. And The Departure of Regulus from Rome from 1769, a picture that falls into the moral category of the dedicated (True)
  10. The Picture of the painting is On the Bank of the Seine Bennecourt. By Édouard Manet. (True)



Essay Questions

  1. Summarize the connection and difference of Neoclassicism and Romanticism in age of the Enlightenment.

Neoclassicism and romanticism are in most cases considered to be the opposing movements. One major difference between the two movements is that first neoclassicism is on based on objectivity, restraint, and order. On the other hand, romanticism emphasized on imagination and emotion. However, both, movements played a significant role within their respective time frames. Another connection between the two is that none of these two movements could have existed without the other. Neoclassicism lasted for about 1660 and 1798, whereas on the other hand Romanticism lasted from about1789 to 1832.

Another difference between the two is the fact that neoclassicism focused ion restraint, objectivity, and structure, whereas Romanticism emphasizes on emotion, imagination and subjectivity. Whereas classical age greatly inspired neoclassicism, Romanticism was inspired by Medieval and Baroque. Neoclassicism was inspired by themes such as Greek and Roman History, courage, bravery, and restraint. On the other hand, wheras the themes that inspired Romanticism included legends, nature, and pastoral life.

For neoclassicism art there is an integration of Roman and Greek elements and its paintings use mythical creatures and epic beings. Unlike in the Romantic Art Neoclassical Art shows no emotion and mainly inclines to depict heroic action. Romantic Art, on the other hand, entails use of bold and melodramatic portraits, where most of art pieces in this era were demonstrated by an upsurge in exoticism, patriotism, bravery, and individuality. Nature played a critical role in this period, where art pieces incorporated the use of; landscapes or even use of long-distance exotic places.


  1. 2. Based on the Vincent Van Gogh’s works, define the Post-impressionism Art.

Post Impressionism is a French Art movement that existed between 1886 and 1905. The movement was in place due to the reaction against Impressionism and also due to the concern of for the naturalistic depiction of color and light. The movement extends the movement of impressionism though it rejected the limitations that were associated with it. In this movement artists continued using vivid colors; they used real-life subject matter and also entailed use of a thick paint application. The movement majored on use of geometric forms, use of expressive effect and also used use unnatural and seemingly random colors The emphasis on using abstract qualities and also deep symbolic meaning, Post-Impressionism can encompass sub-movements which include symbolism, Neo-Impressionism, and Synthesism.

One of the most famous and influential figures in this movement was Vincent Van Gogh. The style of this artist reflected the character of the movement where he used symbolism in his paintings and was very careful to stay within the “guise of reality “, where he did not fancy over stylized works. One famous painting by Goh was the Starry Night, which was created between 1885 and 1890. This particular painting reflects the personal vision of the painter showed inventive perspectives interesting compositions and purposeful brushstrokes.

Van Goh highly borrowed from Gaugin in his later years, making his paintings more attractive and less realistic. This showed an emotionally attachment to subjects through use of brushwork and color. The use of color was to capture mods, instead of just using the colors realistically. He used color as way of forcefully expressing himself , where he was enthused by light and vibrant colors of the provincial sprigs, where he gradually started to paint outdoors and changed his techniques and style of painting.

  1. Describe the style of Andrea Palladio and Late Renaissance Architecture.

The style used by Andrea Palladio was known as Palladianism. This is a style which was based on 16th century designs (1508 to 1580). The style was enthused by the Ancient Rome buildings, where in return British also borrowed the works of Palladio in the creation of classical British Style. A common characteristic of this style was the fact that the exteriors were plain and centered on proportion rules.

Some of the most common characteristics of this style include: The columns of the Palladian design had acanthus lead capitals at their top. For the Scallop shells, they had a typical motif which was both in Roman and Greek art. The Scallop shells were a symbol of the Roman Goddess, who they believed was born from the sea from a shell. The style was characterized by the use of pediments, which were used over windows and doors on the outside of most of the buildings. Pediments were also found over inside the doors, which is a common architectural element, more so with regards to the design of objects.

The Palladian style was also characterized by a high symmetrical. Use of symmetry and balance was very critical in the ancient Greek and Ronan Building and greatly motivated by the Palladian style. Palladianism is also characterized by use of Masks which are the faces that get used as an ornamental motif. Palladianism is also characterized by Terms which are based on free-standing stones. These stones represent a Roman god, Terminus.

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