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Fake News Assignment | Online Homework Help

With the current technological advances in the current generation, the internet is accessible for every individual, necessitating an upsurge in social media use. The effect of social networking is felt globally with genuine and fake news headlines overlooking the media industry. For instance, during the coronavirus outbreak, numerous fabricated stories have emerged in online platforms; therefore, raising queries regarding the use of social media such as WhatsApp. Because it is not easy to regulate the online broadcasting of false or misleading statements, it is essential to implement prevention measures and also to solve the challenges that arise from the fabricated news.

Most social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp are viewed as a dwelling place for numerous individuals, and most are reliant on the news conveyed through the platforms. Therefore, it is essential to protect ourselves from the fabricated news by reviewing disseminated through social media platforms. This can be achieved by assessing the sources of information, story quality, as well as the contents, shared.  For instance, in most instances, conveyed news with catch headlines appears genuine and therefore turns out to be easy to disseminate the information. This is attributed to failure to scrutinize the source; hence, the news may be deemed as a forgery, and an individual is likely to be seen as a fake source. It is essential to institute prevention measures to mitigate the challenges and also holding any media platform responsible for failing to regulate any information conveyed through the platforms.

Due to the existence of cyber insecurity cases such as cyberbullying, broadcasting fabricated stories turns out to be a regular occurrence. In most cases, fabricated news are widely shared, therefore being accessible to a broader audience through social media platforms. For example, during the outbreak of the coronavirus, most of the social media platforms were peddled with fake news with people conveying false data about the infection. To mitigate the challenges, social media users ought to consider the image quality, the article’s existing snaps along with images design. According to Burkhardt (2017), users should consider certain aspects such as images’ ability to advance the article, the authenticity of the images, and the variation of the picture with news topics. This is vital since most of the news is unrealistic, and the images are edited.

To resolve the issue, measures need to be instituted to diminish the spreading of false information. Governments should conduct misinformation campaigns in their nations to reduce widespread false information. Individuals should be mindful of the existing cases of misinformation. Arrests ought to also be made to persons disseminating fabricated news as it is a crime to convey wrong information deliberately.  According to Dumitrache (2019), apprehending the persons tangled in the spread of fabricated news is the most efficient system to limit the spread of information that misinforms individuals. Media guidelines ought to also be instituted.  This will decrease the number of media houses that have the obligation of broadcasting information to the people.


The existence of various social media platforms has increased the dissemination of fake news. For social media users, it is essential to institute measures to help curb the problem of fabricated news. The measures include assessing the source of information, the shared content, and the tone of the story. Every aspect is significant in protecting and resolving challenges linked to fabricated news.

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