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On April 19th, 2020, President Trump played misleading clips that appeared to portray New York’s Governor Cuomo supporting his measures to control the spread of the Coronavirus. The carefully edited clips were meant to influence the focus of the public on the measures put in place by Trump’s administration to respond to the rising numbers of victims who tested positive to the deadly respiratory disease. While Trump took time to promote his political agenda, he should have used the opportunity to address measures that affect the outcomes of events in the world today. Given the high number of deaths reported in the country, Trump should not misuse his influence by promoting fake news to the people.

Fake news can be detected through the evaluation of the real event from what has been portrayed as the factual statement. In this case, I reviewed Governor Cuomo’s address and what was presented by President Trump demonstrated a huge disparity that affected the context of the presser (Guardian News, 2020). His desire to politicize a Covid briefing, as opposed to addressing the issues affecting individuals in their immediate environment highlighted his detached nature from the real issues. His address that has since been captured on https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=136&v=-Pb18RdIkw0&feature=emb_logo portrays Trump interfering with the flow of information to advance his agenda.

Fake news promotes misinformation that influences the perspectives of individuals towards topical issues in their immediate environment. Despite the measures put in place by the government to control the spread of information, many people take advantage of the weak links to promote their selfish agenda. However, people should verify the information before sharing it with the rest of the world to avoid misinformation that limits individuals from knowing the truth. Fake news compels individuals to develop a false impression, which may stick even after learning the truth.

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