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Fabricant Corporation

Fabricant Corporation, an innovative manufacturing company, is seeking additional approaches to expand itself. The corporation intends to enhance its energy supply and quality of commodities. It targets to lower the quantity of energy consumed by approximately 20%, generate a return on investment ranging at 15% or more, and create community awareness of ecological concerns. The corporation’s senior manager proposes the implementation of strategies aiming for constant improvement on key sustainability metrics; hence he recommended the pursuit of the industrial lighting retrofit project. In essence, the project targets the replacement of the energy-consuming lighting fixtures presently utilized in Fabricant facilities with more proficient technologies. For instance, T-12 fluorescent lighting can be replaced with T-8 Vaportite fixtures or metal halides substituted with LED technologies. Sensors and new fluorescent fixtures can also be installed in retrofit offices and break rooms. Wireless sensors and motion detectors may be fitted throughout offices and production stations to switch off lights automatically.

Project feasibility will be assessed by determining whether its objectives correspond with the organization’s short-term and long-term objectives. An economic feasibility study should be conducted to evaluate the project’s charges, benefits, and viability prior to allocating the required funds (Muharrami, 2019). Fabricant project’s initial costs are estimated at $310,000 though will be offset by incentives and discounts accumulating to $245,000. Hence, total project costs will range at $65,000, generating a return on investment of 89% within the first year.

To assess the efficiency of technical resources, a technical feasibility study will be conducted. Fabricant Corporation team members’ expertise and ability show potential to complete the project effectively. Further, its selection of IT and logistics and environmental experts will prompt successful project implementation. Stakeholders with knowledge on the utilization of GPS in monitoring fuel consumption will be recommended to further comprehend the costs, benefits, and ecological impact of fossil fuel usage.

Organizational feasibility will aim to determine the efficiency of its structure and its correspondence with available resources. Fabricant Corporation should ensure that its intended objectives are achieved. The project is likely to achieve organizational objectives for decreasing energy consumption. This will increase community awareness regarding the significance of environmental preservation and organization’s role in environmental initiatives.

How project aligns with organization’s strategic goals

The project’s objectives align with organization’s strategic goals for raising community awareness on environmental concerns and energy conservation. According to the checklist model performed by the project team, project outcomes revealed an increased return-on-investment of approximately 89%, energy preservation, and comparatively low expenditure at $65000.Moreover, the establishment of LED technologies and wireless sensors will ascertain the achievement of Fabricant Corporation’s goal of energy-use reduction.

Project Charter

Project Title:       Industrial Lighting Retrofit

Date:                    November 5, 2020

Project purpose: Minimize energy consumption by at least 20%.

Goal:                        Substitute all internal and external lighting fixtures of Fabricant Corporation                                                              facilities with energy-conserving technologies.

Project Objectives 

  • Reduce energy consumption by a minimum of 20%.
  • Increase community awareness of environmental issues and concerns.
  • Generate a return-on- investment of at least 15%

Business case: Fabricant Corporation’s proposed project will focus on the identification and substitution of all its lighting fixtures in its workplaces, power stations and warehouses. All these areas will be fitted with new energy-saving equipment to significantly minimize energy costs and utilization.


  • Internal stakeholders including employees’ attitudes towards change.
  • Inadequate funds and resources to support the project life cycle.


  • Consistent supply of project funds and resources throughout the project timeline.
  • Lighting fixtures require less maintenance.

Project Deliverables

  • Lighting fixtures that use less energy.
  • Survey report on the significance of less energy use to the environment.
  • Survey report on community awareness of environmental significance.
  • Project report.

Project team members 

Clara Lewis – Project Manager

Matt Rodger –Strategic planning assistant

Peterson Silverman – Finance and Economics expert

Carlos Antonio -OSHA representative

Jose Federico  –Environmental manager

Jeff Stevens – PR manager



  • Disruption of project activities resulting in delays.
  • Under-estimation of capital due to estimates.
  • Lack of proper communication among team members interfering with program progress.
  • New technologies failing to meet the anticipated outcomes.

Project timeline

The project is expected to take four months and should be completed by Feb 5, 2021.

Measurable success criteria

  • Reduced energy utilization.
  • Improved lighting.
  • Less environmental degradation by 15% within 6 months.









Project timeline

Tasks Nov Dec Jan Feb
Perform cost-benefit analysis    
Risk assessment     
Develop project proposal    
Assess project charter     
Define program activities    
Prepare schedule    
Engage in resource planning    
Conduct budget planning    
Determine and record project risks    
Perform procurement planning    
Participate in communication planning    
Devise project plan   
Conduct quality assessment    
Oversee project procurement activities   
Oversee communication management    
Manage risks    
Train team members   
Draft final report    
Develop a final report   



 Cost per itemTotal costs
Team Members’ Training$20,00020,000
Equipment installation  
LED technologies40,00040,000
Vaportite fixtures15,00015,000
Wireless sensors and motion detectors80,00080,000
Project manager fee30,00030,000x 4=120,000
Project assistant fee20,00020,000×4=80,000
Project team incentives15,000 15,000×4=60,000×8=480,000
Repairs & Maintenance25,00025,000
Total 895,000


Concerns of internal and external stakeholders

Notable concerns for internal stakeholders constitute staffing issues, communication, and project costs. Project managers are greatly concerned about staffing issues and communication within the team. Staffing issues correlate with project turn over. In the case where team members receive employment in different projects, project knowledge may be lost and it would be difficult to find competent replacements. Further, poor communication among stakeholders including managers and team members may impede project progress leading to delays and unmet deadlines (Collinge, 2016). Inadequate funds are yet another critical concern especially for the project manager as it may disrupt the development of the project. External stakeholder concerns comprise different levels of urgency and conflicting priorities whereby several stakeholders may feel the need to hasten the project whilst others may propose its extension. External stakeholders are also concerned about whether the ultimate goal of the project will be achieved.


Support for key stakeholders

The project team will ensure that project objectives are met by completing deliverables and providing their proficiency. The project manager will oversee the project. He or she will be accountable for the whole project and engage in its planning, management, and implementation Pinheiro, 2015). The project coordinator utilizes program management methodologies to assert that expected results are delivered on time and within the budget and scope (Cunningham & O’Reilly, 2019). The environmental manager will oversee the environmental performance of the project, the IT manager will coordinate technical issues while the financial analyst will focus on financial matters that influence the project. External stakeholders such as sponsors will provide funding and support for the project while consumers will endorse the products of the project. The steering committee will constantly motivate the team ensuring that they feel empowered to participate in the project.










Stakeholder Analysis Template

Clara LewisProject ManagerHighHighInternal stakeholder
Peterson SilvermanFinance and Economics expertMediumMediumExternal stakeholder
Carlos Antonio OSHA representativeHighHighExternal stakeholder
Jeff StevensPR managerMediumLowExternal stakeholder
 Jose Federico Environmental managerHighHighExternal stakeholder
Matt RodgerStrategic planning assistantHighMediumExternal stakeholder
Team membersExecute tasksMediumMediumInternal stakeholder





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