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Exploring Personal Stories | Psychology Homework Help

The Story of Grief and Loss

Handling any loss requires individuals to possess internal toughness that strengthens them against various problems affecting their lifestyle. Loss, either death related or not, exposes a person’s vulnerability, which demonstrates their human nature to fall short of their abilities to be themselves. In this essay, discussing two stories where the personas encountered a moment of recollection after losing their job and a life partner exposes the viewers to an enabling environment where they can visualize different outcomes taking place in their surroundings. Death is considered a taboo, and such, many people prefer not to talk about it. However, many individuals are advised on what to do after a job loss, even before securing their first job, making them healthier to deal with the challenges associated with the adverse outcome. In the first story, Jason Rosenthal talks about losing his wife and life after as a single parent. In contrast, in the second story, Chetan Mahajan highlights how losing his job made him discover his potential.

Learning Outcome and Personal Story Summaries

Jason Rosenthal’s Story

Jason Rosenthal recounts the last moments that he spent with his wife, whom they had created memories together. Rosenthal encounters a traumatic loss that affects his perspectives towards life. Living in an assumptive world where he thought people grieve and move one easily, Rosenthal’s grief lasted for some time especially after recounting the last moments he spent with his late wife. Many individuals are afraid of death, even though they are aware of the process of their lives at some point (Fernańdez-Alcántara et al., 2016). Rosenthal urges his listeners in a Ted Talks presentation to prepare themselves by talking about death and making for life after the loss of a family member. The grieving period is usually tricky as individuals are unable to come to terms with the outcomes.

Chetan Mahajan’s Job Loss Story

After getting arrested in a scuffle with consumers bitter about his employer’s complacency, Chetan Mahajan recounts the one-month hiatus he spent in jail. Mahajan’s grief is different, as he lives in an assumptive world where he believes certain outcomes can only be achieved through anticipating grief. However, after been fired again, he encountered a series of facts that provoked his thought process, compelling him to expand his scope on life (Tedx Talks, 2018). During this time at the mountain, he realized a business idea that he chose to pursue. His attitude towards life saves him from viewing his situation as a traumatic loss, giving him the energy to survive the challenging life situation. In his reflection, Mahajan encourages individuals to perceive job loss differently and focus on realizing their potential.

Learning Outcome and Making Connections

Jason Rosenthal’s Story

Jason Rosenthal encountered an aspect of death that he never wished he had met because of the raw detail that shaped his perspectives about the life process. One thing about this story is that Rosenthal’s grief is delayed because he still hurts even after the death of his wife. However, the feeling of loss and absence is what strikes Rosenthal up to date as he recollects his relationship with his late wife (TED, 2018). Considering that men are supposed to be strong after such events happen, Rosenthal allows himself to be vulnerable, against the social expectations of demonstrating masculinity. I am impressed by how Rosenthal talks about his grief, highlighting a grey area that is ignored by many men in the world today.

Chetan Mahajan’s Job Loss Story

 Unlike Rosenthal’s story, Mahajan’s experience after a job loss comes as expected. While many people tend to be sad and can succumb to depression after losing their employment, Mahajan is optimistic and focuses on making the best out of it. Mahajan’s grief is disenfranchised because of the nature of social expectations that define interactions among individuals in the community. After his job loss, he had encountered an opportunity that could sustain him forever without depending on the mercy of individuals. Men are expected to stop thinking about their job loss after a limited time because of their natural roles as providers. Considering that Mahajan was a skilled employee, the job loss led him to discover one of his potential that enabled him to rise above the situations.


In the first story, Jason Rosenthal talks about losing his wife and life after as a single parent. In contrast, in the second story, Chetan Mahajan highlights how losing his job made him discover his potential. Both stories demonstrate incidents where the affected people rose above their problems to become successful in their adventures. Rosenthal is now an accomplished author who, with the help of his wife, overcame grief. Mahajan shares insights on how to handle oneself after a job loss, which can be very discouraging. In both instances, the affected people-focused beyond the immediate situations and identified a new aspect of themselves.




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