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Exploratory Investigation Essay paper : How the Media Impacts on Communication

The essay, involving an exploratory investigation, delves into the aspects in which media impacts on communication. Traditionally, media has played a critical role in advancing communication throughout the world. The print media aired television programs, radio, journal materials, among other components of media have made communication largely efficient in informing the citizens. At the same time, enhance language development with people prompted to read and analyze the contents on the media. This paper delves into a rather modern approach to media impacts on communication advanced through the development of technology. In modern-day life, technology has enormously transformed the way communication is executed with the adoption of social media platforms as integrated communication tools. The research indicates that social media has both positive and adverse impacts on communication. Thus, the essay narrows down the research to the impacts in which social media exerts on communication.

General Issues Related to the Course Theme

Subramanian notes that “social media has impacted various facets of modern-life exerting a profound influence on interpersonal communication”[1]. The advancement of technology has led to the development of internet-enabled mobile phones that facilitate the connection to different social media platforms. The social media platforms have seen large membership which continues to rise by day shaping the context of communication between users. The use of social media allows the creation of content, input, the interaction between individuals/groups, support content sharing, and enable collaboration on diverse issues – leading to the realization of the globalized world[2]. That is, the use of technology through social media platforms and the internet transcends the geographical boundaries in which a person in the United States can effectively communicate in real-time with a person in Singapore or Australia, as well as, a person in Russia can communicate with another in South Africa or Rio, Brazil.

Key Insights Discovered from the Investigation

The research on the media impacts on communication illuminates key insights from the investigation. The positive impacts of the use of social media platforms comprise of the capacity to realize the ease of communication throughout the world. This has been made possible for people to interact effectively through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Pinterest, and many others. The use of Web 2.0 has made it possible for people to informed on various matters cutting across diverse fields in life from sports, technology, science, health, medicine, music, art, et cetera, et cetera. Social media creates an opportunity for people to interact with each other easily[3]. The individual behind the screen does not matter rather makes communication easier with the rest of the world through socially motivating people to engage with others[4]. Thus, it may be a fundamental tool for shy and socially excluded people to feel welcome to the world.

However, thorough research identifies extensive adverse implications of social media on communication ques. That is, social media critically erodes communication skills between people. This involves the destruction of face-to-face interaction at the expense of adopting communication through-the-screens[5]. This profoundly undermines the quality of interpersonal communication between person-to-person[6]. The social skills continue to be eroded to a point where people prefer staying indoors and share posts through Facebook, Twitter, among other platforms than interact one-on-one.

Also, the development of slang undermines the beauty of language leading to its continued impoverishment. Text messaging and sharing content through social media have seen the adoption of the use of contents such as “grt – great”, “u – you”, “ppl – people”, among others that lead to a change of spelling and grammatical errors. The use of slang erodes the beauty of language leading to people’s incapacity to use language skills efficiently. This is reflected in official places where people have the potential to use the same slang used in social media platforms for official platforms. Thus, the impact on impairment of communication skills as slang differs from one region and among societal classes across the world[7].

Possible Issues You Could Imagine Researching Based on the Exploratory Investigation

The development of an effective exploratory investigation follows research on the positive effects of social media platforms. Also, extensive research on the negative effects of social media is essential to identify how various scholars and authors perceive the subject. The literature and language scholars critically analyze the impacts media has on communication through the transformation of communication behaviors and skills utilization to share information[8]. The research on surveys on how respective issues impact and/or illustrate the degree to which they affect communication is fundamental for the exploratory investigation. On subject matters such as the need to curb the adverse impacts of media on communication is paramount to enhance the gains it induces through the transformation from traditional practices into modern concepts. Therefore, further research is essential to fully comprehend the mitigation approaches to retaining the purity of communication skills without adverse implications that erodes rather than build.

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