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Experiences with Mass Media Essay | College Assignment Helper

The primary function of mass media is to communicate various messages through movies, televisions, advertising, the internet, magazines, and newspapers (Sozonov and Tarskiy, 2019). Mass media has been able to broadcast information through various forms of communication focused on providing news to the general public. Mass media has positively affected my life through information, different approaches, and attitudes towards particular issues.

In 2016, I was very depressed about my life. However, every time I would watch a movie, I would lower my negative thinking and lessen my feelings of isolation. I realized that movies facilitate emotional release. They made it easier for me to comfortably express my emotions. Movies inspired my life through lessons and morals, driving me to become a better person. I learned some coping mechanisms that have remained effective in dealing with and escaping depression and anxiety.

In 2019, I started an online business that needed promotion and awareness for the target market. I posted my products on social media and shared them with my friends, who could create a larger audience through reposting. Considerably, social media has offered me a chance to communicate with clients and potential consumers and spread the marketing message in a conversation and relaxed way. Social media has enabled me to reach many people within seconds through social media advertisements. This has played a great role in boosting my product sales and attracting more customers.

Media health campaigns have had indirect and direct impacts on my health and well-being. This is because I learned about various health issues and guidelines through mass media health campaigns. During the pandemic, television was a major source of information regarding the trends and guidelines on surviving during the COVID-19. TV channels helped me raise my awareness about the COVID-19 precautions, which made me responsible during that period. In summation, mass media has played a great role in my day-to-day life by offering information about the current news, entertainment, and advertising my online business.

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