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Chinese Students Under Exam Oriented Education Essay | Homework Help

Education primarily serves to enhance the well-being of children and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to cope in future. However, when it comes to the Chinese education system one might wonder whether it is working towards these goals at all. Chinese education specialist believe China has an extraordinary basic education system, given that it grants millions of student’s concrete skills and knowledge. Author Kirkpatrick et al work titled “The Negative Influences of Exam-Oriented Education on Chinese High School Students: Backwash from Classroom to Child” and Westcott et al article on “Beijing education reforms aim to help China’s over-worked, over-tested students” both state that the exam centric system has negative consequences on the students. Both works examine how the problem is deeply rooted in the system and the necessity of making reforms to improve overall student outcomes.

Rhetorical Analysis

Robert Kirkpatrick and Yuebing Zang’s essay was published in 2011. Kirkpatrick and Zang examine the problems that stem from China’s exam centric education system which originate from existing policies. This has in turn prompted the need to have modifications in the education system so as to boost student health and success. The authors target audience is the governing body in charge of education in China and educators since the issue originates from the outdated imperial exam system that has been running over the course of time. Kirkpatrick and Zang’s thesis is based on the fact that for China’s education to sustain practicality and promote healthy competitiveness it should be reformed (Kirkpatrick and Zang 2011, p 41). The authors appeal to the audience by using ethos whereby Kirkpatrick holds a PhD and is a certified master of education lecture and Zang is studying a Master’s in education. Pathos is seen in the authors genuine concern for the students and also how they remind educators of their role in aiding the growth of the students. Lastly, logos is displayed in the writers use of abstract language and citing of facts.

The authors begin by examining when the learning process starts, which is at the early age of 2 years. They proceed to indicate that the school schedule has numerous lessons with minimal time designated for recess. Kirkpatrick and Zang are asking the educators to take note that all work and no play can have tremendous effects on a student’s ability to learn. Moreover, the authors use of pathos is highly effective as they take into consideration that while testing is important, when used incorrectly it impedes the child’s overall growth. The use of terms such as benefit the collective and sense of belonging show the authors regard for the need to have effective driven testing that will benefit students, educators and the country.

Westcott and Giolzetti’s article “Beijing education reforms aim to help China’s over-worked, over-tested students” illustrates the need and urgency for reforms in the Chinese education system. They begin by demonstrating that the present exam centric learning system overburdens the pupils and their lack of physical exercise has prompted an increase in problems like myopia and obesity. The target audience is the officials and educators in the local level given that the problem is systemic. The thesis is the need to teach an adaptable generation of youths who are capable of reviving the country. Westcott and Giolzetti utilize logos greatly as seen by the use of statistics to demonstrate the actual nature of the situation. Besides, the authors also take into account the perspectives of different stakeholders from students, parents and officials to have a better understanding of how they are all impacted in their different ways. While, the use of logos falls short in terms of citation, the authors make up by using constructive logical arguments.

Moreover, the authors have a definitive target audience and hence utilize pathos effectively to evoke interest and compulsion. The article begins by acknowledging that despite the summer break, some students still attend extra sessions to gain an advantage in the competitive test centric system (Westcott & Giolzetti). As the writers continue to venture with statistics it is clear that they want the audience to feel the harsh realities of students so as to prompt action. The authors use ethos to ascertain their credibility. It can be seen by the language they use for the audience whereby despite their illustration of the effects of the system, they manage to remain unbiased and remark on the desire of the authorities to make changes. Besides, the authors accomplishments and pedigrees are evident portraying their expertise in the field.

Synthesis of Your Analysis

Kirkpatrick and Zang’s work offers an insight to China’s approach to education which is relies majorly on exam testing to determine the fate of students. I opine that the highly competitive nature that this state deems proves strenuous on the students given the large number of cheating cases in high school. This in turn not only impairs the student’s capability to memorize but also makes them lack the logical insight needed to generate theoretical notions (Kirkpatrick and Zang 2011, p 39). Its only right to say the psychological stress triggered by the assessment process is indeed a key drawback of the exam centered education.

The authors use of logos is evident given they assert the problem originates from the authority in charge of education in China. The ministry is in charge of formulating policies geared towards reforms and only until they take the initiative seriously, will the education policy reforms come to fruition (Kirkpatrick and Zang, p 41). The coordination at all levels should be in synchrony to minimize interference which only hinders reforms. Besides, Robert and Yuebing utilize pathos as they take into account the modifications that are still underway for instance, the quality supplemental education tutoring which is still in its initial phases. The session focusses on coaching the students on their talents such as art and music which boosts creativity. This is intended to show the audience how positive reforms have high prospects if implemented effectively.

The article “Beijing education reforms aim to help China’s over-worked, over-tested students” echoes the need to review the current guidelines of china’s exam centric education system. I posit that the need to train a well-versed generation of new adults should prompt the process of transitioning into a more quality oriented system. This does not require the omission of exams but rather using them effectively to ensure the students synthesize what they learn. I believe the government’s decision to expand beyond the ‘gakao’ to determine the students that are accepted into higher learning institutions will aid in minimizing unfair competition and overstraining.

The authors use of pathos is evident in the way they inform the audience about the new plans being undertaken by the educators. Letting the audience know that actions such as stimulating innovation and nurturing cognitive abilities are being implemented gives them a sense of hope (Westcott and Giolzetti). Despite the fact that the reforms can take years, just the realization that some steps are being taken is a good sign.


In conclusion, it is without a doubt that China has a long way to go in terms of educational reforms. The approach to be implemented needs to foster relevancy which means opening up the education structure progressively. Until the exam-oriented system is modified or rather done away with, the vision to have a fair, free and democratic country stands to be jeopardized.

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