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Exam-Oriented Education Among Chinese Students

Part One: Crafting the Research Proposal

Providing Context

Exam-oriented education is an approach that focuses on training students with the various expectations developed by an examining body to ascertain the learners’ ability to grasp content taught in class. By undertaking any subject of study taught using this technique, students are customized to focus on achieving skills that will validate their efforts to succeed in the learning environment. Importantly, individuals are supposed to realize their approaches and overcome situations that trigger their perspectives towards the subject of study. For this reason, discovering the best approach that allows students to excel in their studies creates an enabling environment where educators can focus on the learner’s needs and enable them to understand the challenges hindering them from discovering their potential.

Evaluating the effectiveness of this learning approach can be difficult because of the different impacts it might have on learners. In one instance, students will acquire knowledge from the concepts taught in class while others might disregard the information taught by the same instructor, while alluding to their approach. In this case, focusing on the results compels students to overlook certain aspects of education because of their impact on the behavioral traits of individuals. Given the fact that individuals are focused on creating an enabling environment where they can solve problems affecting other people’s lifestyles, it becomes easier for the public to overcome situations that hinder them from discovering their potential. From this realization, developing an approach where individuals are aware of their potential is encouraging because of its ability to provoke the thought process of individuals.

Describing Particulars

Undertaking this research will engage the instructors and other stakeholders in the learning environment. Importantly, tutors are aware of the different needs of students and understand how decisions can be made using numerous approaches that reflect on the ability of the classroom context to inspire individual perspectives. Based on the approaches taken by the public to discover their potential, this study will also examine the role of parents and how they influence critical decisions affecting the overall wellbeing of their children. However, developing tactics that the instructors can use to interact with their audience enables individuals to discover their potential and overcome issues that contribute to the realization of key details surrounding the realization of different learning objectives.

Since instructors are quite knowledgeable compared to their counterparts in the business environment, creating interactive platforms offers professionals a right of reply that outlines the major decisions, which can be adopted to create a situation where individuals realize their desired objectives. In the modern corporate market, individuals are aware of the challenges that hinder individuals from realizing their goals and how certain structural approaches can be twitched to create an enabling environment for different conversations. Focusing on the uptake of students and their ability to create innovative products and services demonstrates the impact of learning techniques on a student’s perspectives. By pursuing the research question, I will use the qualitative method to discover the unbiased feedback from individuals, where the research will assume a different reaction that incorporates the changing views of individuals.

Explaining Significance

Conducting this research will enable instructors to understand the changing needs of individuals and their ability to make informed decisions when faced by an issue. In this regard, this study highlights the impact of the exam-oriented technique that is common in China. Likewise, students are taught about the importance of aligning their interests with the changing needs of the consumer market and explore avenues that can be used to achieve a competitive edge. Based on the approaches used by different professionals, individuals are usually examined to identify any challenges that undermine the quality of education. Besides, exams enable instructors to make informed decisions on every student based on their performance and ability to make informed decisions that correspond with the changing business environment.

In the modern world, making viable decisions correspond with the changing needs of individuals and hinder them from recognizing the best approaches that contribute to the success of students. When students can excel in their exams without encountering any challenges, it becomes easier for instructors to develop an interactive curriculum that focuses on building the strength of each student. Likewise, this research will shape the perspectives of policymakers because of its approach that seeks to influence people’s decisions towards the exam-oriented technique, which overlooks different issues affecting individuals in their immediate environment.

Part Two

Craig, Tara T., and Jill Marshall. “Effect of project‐based learning on high school students’ state‐mandated, standardized math and science exam performance.” Journal of Research in Science Teaching 56.10 (2019): 1461-1488.

Many countries are embracing a model that focuses on certain subjects, as opposed to others, because of their desire to bring up a generation that is dedicated to solving problems in their immediate environment. In one instance, learning institutions that focus on STEM subjects present an interesting scenario that attracts criticism from individuals in their surroundings. Importantly, students are evaluated based on their ability to succeed in the stipulated subjects of study. Based on the inability of modern corporations to focus on addressing specific needs affecting individuals, learning institutions encounter a series of challenges that determine their preferred approaches when interacting with students in the learning environment. Notably, high school students are exposed to an environment where they can excel with ease and overcome challenges that interfere with their perspectives towards life. Instead of pursuing a certain path that leads to the realization of desired objectives, the teaching model creates an enabling environment for policymakers to engage in strategic conversations that handle student needs.

Wesselink, Renate, et al. “Models and principles for designing competence-based curricula, teaching, learning and assessment.” Competence-based Vocational and Professional Education. Springer, Cham, 2017. 533-553.

Competence-based education presents an interesting conversation that highlights the problems encountered by individuals and their inability to excel without a specific source of motivation. Instructors are supposed to develop innovative products that yield positive outcomes, which complement people’s needs and enhance their ability to overcome situations that interfere with their attention in the classroom context. In this case, tutors are assigned with different roles that focus on the creation of a conducive environment where individuals can engage on topical issue while understanding the significance of different tenets in their interactions. However, establishing a well-laid out curriculum prevents any form of exploitation that might occur between the instructor and the learners who avoid certain situations that distract them from their ambition. Given on the changing need of individuals in their immediate environment, it has become critical for the public to adopt measures that protect their wellbeing and that of individuals in their surroundings. The learning process is focused on training students to behave in a certain way that instructors may not understand. However, they can always confirm the details of academic programs and evaluate their impact on the changing needs of individuals in their surroundings.

Kirkpatrick, Robert, and Yuebing Zang. “The negative influences of exam-oriented education on Chinese high school students: Backwash from classroom to child.” Language testing in Asia 1.3 (2011): 36.

Critics have warned about China’s approach towards education and its ability to influence learners to ignore the effects of smartphones and other technological tools. In this regard, parents should have a close look on their children and make informed decisions that highlight different issues, which project a certain level of contentment. While evaluating the inability of learning approaches to provoke the views held by learners, there is a need to criticize the teaching approaches used by instructors to focus on solving their problems. From this perspective, outlining the issues that interfere with a student’s thought process creates an enabling environment for people to engage on conversations that shape the views held by individuals regarding the best techniques that instructors should use when interacting with their counterparts. Many learning institutions in China have resolved to expose learners to a situation where they can experience practical situations in the modern world and overcome problems affecting the growth and development of corporations.

Muthanna, Abdulghani, and Guoyuan Sang. “Undergraduate Chinese students’ perspectives on Gaokao examination: Strengths, weaknesses, and implications.” International Journal of Research Studies in Education 5.2 (2015): 3-12.

Training students with the focus of excelling in the learning environment is considered a myopic approach that hinders interactions between instructors and the learners’ community. In China, many students are skeptical of the approaches used to introduce them to a challenging environment where individuals cannot make informed decisions concerning the best tactics that corporations can use to realize their potential. Evaluating the potential of each individual can be time-consuming but effective, in the sense that individuals are expected to align their views with the changing consumer market. Aligning students to programs that maximize their strengths by converting weaknesses into strengths creates an important platform where students learn about common practices in the learning environment.

Graphical Source One

Fig 1.0  A graphical representation of education stakeholders imparting knowledge on learners/ Source: Beijing Review

From the above description, learners are projected to be instruments or tools, which can be refined by consistent processes that focus on making them better. Even though the approaches used by the learning institutions can be unconventional, there is a need to observe the aspects that hinder them from discovering their potential.

Graphical Source Two

Fig 2.0 A graphical representation of Chinese students on a conveyer belt/Source: China Daily

The approaches used by learning institutions to train their students on a wide range of issues affecting their lifestyles vary from one country to the other. However, in China, the method assumes the operational performance of a conveyor belt where students are passed through the education system without a lot of focus on life skills. From this perspective, it becomes challenging for learners to obtain any relevant issues that they can use to enhance their perspectives towards life.

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