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Eveline and A&P | Analytical Essay Writing help | Do My Paper

The analytical essay will examine the role of family loyalty and how it competes with desire for individual freedom. This is fundamental to determine how the conflict impacts on the characters of Eveline and the A&P story in the maturity process and how it helps an individual get an initiation into adulthood. Family loyalty plays a critical role and puts an individual in direct confrontation to overcome its barriers as a process to attain the desires of individual freedom. This case is best presented by Eveline who is presented as the protagonist. The story depicts Eveline as a hard-working woman who has dedicated her life towards caring and providing to her abusive father and two children; Ernest and Harry that were left in her care following her mother’s death. Eveline worked hard as a shop worker and a nanny to sustain the means to support her family. The worst case of Eveline’s life is that as a teenage turning into adulthood, she had to care for her violent father who antagonized her desires to live a love life with Frank. In the A&P case, Sammy, the narrator – can be depicted as the main character who acts as an overall good guy. Sammy is prompted to stand-up to his boss by quitting his job as a result of the way the boss treated the three girls that came to the store in bathing-suit-clad.

The two main characters from the two stories include Eveline and Sammy in the A&P. Eveline shows high commitment, zeal, determination, and hard work as a woman who lives to support her family. In the wake of her mother’s death, Eveline takes the mantle as the mother of the house. This is a role that she had to assume prompting her to mature earlier than the life developmental processes. Over the period of growing up with her brothers that she cared for and supported, as well as, her abusive father – she developed a committed for their well-being. This elucidates profound conflict when she is faced with a situation to choose Frank, her potential future husband and curve a new path for her life, as compared to leaving her siblings and family. This required a critical decision on the path she would have to lead. Sammy is prompted to stand-up for wrongdoings and mistreatment of three girls that frequented the A&P store. The character illustrated by Sammy is taking courage to stand-up for what he believed to be right. As a result, Sammy had to quit his job an action that he was threatened by the owner. This shows a similarity in character where both Eveline and Sammy had to find courage to make the decision to stand up for what they believed to be the right thing. This is despite the past accounts and life they had both led in support to the people they knew and had lived with all along.

The capacity to confront the challenging future by the two protagonist characters in the two stories can be describe by the use of courage to confront and embrace the unknown. Eveline had to choose on starting a new life with Frank away from her father and brother whom were not concerned of her well-being. This shows an action to choose one-self over others. The case with Sammy is that he stumbled into the world of unknown by choosing to quit his job as a way to confront the rude treatment to the girls. Sammy choose others over himself. This is directly contrary to what Eveline chose. However, the future the both set out to pursue is characterized by uncertainties and braveness to endure what it brings.

Family loyalty can be a chain that holds people bondage. Over the years, Eveline remained held in chains without breaking away due to family loyalty. The capacity to choose herself and a life she wanted to live over leaving her father and brother. A&P presents a similar case where Sammy had to endure rude treatment of the girls’ time after time due to his commitment to his boss and the ties they shared. As time progressed, both Eveline and Sammy had to break the chains of bondage from family loyalty as a set a course to the kind of life they wanted to pursue. This comes in context where each choose to shape a new course of life and breaking from the family loyalty. For example, Eveline committed to live where they lived into a new location to start another life.


In conclusion, reading and examining the stories proved to be quite illuminating on molding one’s character. Character is vital to embolden an individual towards accepting change. The pursuit of change presents a major course of decision making which must be pursued to break from the norm. Thus, both Eveline and Sammy from A&P had to be courageous, brave, and committed to ensure changed thrived over the normalcy of choosing family loyalty over desires for individual freedom and initiation into adulthood.

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