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Evaluation of Health Organization

The essence of this research paper will emphasize on the organization’s preparedness to meet the citizens’ healthcare requirements, preparing a strategic plan that addresses matters regarding network growth, identifying any present or prospective issues and discussing how the issues are likely to have an impact features of the strategic plan. It also involves proposing a theory or model that may be used in supporting the implementation of the organization’s strategic plan.

Organization Description

United Health Group is a not-for-profit healthcare corporation based in Minnesota. The corporation is known for the provision of health care and related services in diverse regions in the United States. United Health Group is considered as one of the largest corporations in the United States in regards to the revenue. In 2018, the total income of the corporation was $226.2 billion and a client base of approximately 115 million clients (United Health Group, 2020). Since the establishment of the company in 1977, the company has maintained its commitment towards the provision high-quality and dedicated clientele products. The principal individuals associated with the establishment of the United Health Group include Paul Ellwood and Richard Burke (Al-Hussami Hammad & Alsoleihat, 2018). The firm’s mission statement entails helping its clientele lead a healthy life and help in developing a healthy structure that will work well with every individual. From its initiation, the firm is known to offer health services to clients to every state within the United States and approximately thirty nations around the world.  The fundamental abilities of the corporation is improving on the medical proficiency, advancing technology in issue that relate to health information.  In addition, ensuring that it meets the developing requirements of the constantly diverse health care environments.


Organization’s Overall Readiness

The United Health Group provides a numerous insurance services to its enormous client base, in the United States and around the globe. The corporation understands the technological roles in the delivery of client engrossed services in the prevailing periods. As such, United Health Group integrates technology to advance the provision of services. One of the facets of leveraging technological advancements is e-clinic. This platform provides clients with a chance of real-time conversations with health experts. Through the platform, the clients are can access healthcare services founded on their apprehensions and sides of the story. The virtual platform is very beneficial in provision of services since it has diminished emergency room appointments, leading to the reduction of costs. Moreover, United Health Group has also integrated the Health4me application that assists in delivery of services when appropriate.  The platform also sanctions interactions amongst the clients and healthcare experts. Consequently, based on the integration of modern technology, United Health Group is prepared to meet the patients’ healthcare needs currently and in future.

Strategic Plans

The organization’s strategic plan is comprised of four key aspects. They include growth of the network, patients’ satisfaction, resource management and nurse staffing. According to Williams (2016), network growth is essentially significant given the continuously altering health landscape. Associations with other healthcare corporation have turned out to be the norm, with main emphasis being the improvement of service delivery. Presently, United Health Group has associated with numerous companies, for instance, Institute of nursing, to assist in the implementation of evidence-based practices. Also, the United Health Group requires to associate with other companies such as Telemedicine firms to enhance the delivery of services.

Another strategic plan is patient satisfaction. With the numerous products and services offered to clients, it is imperative to tackle challenges that may result to discontent amongst patients.  United Health Group works hard to enhance satisfaction amongst patients. Foremost, the United Health Group has incepted an education system for all affiliates. The attempts undertaken by United Health Group to enhance patient satisfaction have been acknowledged by the Fortune Magazine. In addition, the general patient contentment is heightened by using online platforms, and increased accessibility to services. In addition, United Health Group should contemplate on the strategic actions that perceive a patient as the most significant resource within the corporation (United Health Group, 2020.). For instance, the corporation should guarantee high quality client service and task automation such as keeping records. It is similarly vital to guarantee that every patient query, feedback is replied to in instantaneously. Quality improvement is likewise imperative to enhance satisfaction amongst patients.

The next strategic plan is nurse staffing. There is a prerequisite for nursing personnel to assist the vast clientele base. To assist the corporation in the delivery of high quality services, United Health Group instituted the center for Nursing Development. The programme assists the United Health Group hiring and retaining highly performing health care personnel. The initiative is regarded to be advantageous as the company has heightened the nursing capacity from 6,000 to 25, 000. This has improved the efficiency and general healthcare outcome. The nurses have the ability to provide responses to the altering needs of the patients, therefore enhanced provision of services.

The other strategic plan involves strategic management. Resource deployment is essential to advance the delivery of services.  The corporation has been offering virtual resources for the clients, healthcare experts and physicians. For effective management of resources, there is a requisite to handle both palpable and impalpable resources.  Additionally, the online platforms make it stress-free for the corporation to offer dedicated services to its clients. It is suggested that the corporation carry on with its strategic plans to ascertain modes of enhancing the services.

Current or potential issues within the organizational culture

The United Health Group should tackle the strategic matters that may have an impact the firm’s structure. This is because it relates to contentment amongst clients and leveraging information technology. First, it is important for the corporation to tackle the issues that are related to diversity. The United Health Group offers services to patients from different ethnic backgrounds, along with its diverse labour force. The diverse members of staff make it undemanding for United Health Group to provide its services to patients form diverse backgrounds. It likewise enhances the decision making process. As a result, it is imperative to tackle challenges linked to diversity amongst members of staff by integrating various plans, for instance, diversity training.

Because of the prevailing shortage amongst the nursing personnel, it is important for United Health Group to guarantee their ability to tackle the needs of the patients. It should work together with the Institute of Nursing to guarantee that enough health care personnel are present. In addition, the concerns of moral hazards whereby individuals take advantage of healthcare services requirements to be tackled, along with the perception individuals simply look for healthcare services when they need it.

Theory or model that could be used to support implementation of the strategic plan

There are numerous models that may be applicable in regards to the United Health Group on the basis of administrative principles and structures. The Patient Care Technology and Safety is one of the models that is considered as the greatest fit in the execution of the strategic plan for the company. The model is considered to be best since there is a belief within the public domain that technological advancements will assist in improving health care efficiency, superiority, security and costs. The model had previously developed the public support and at the same time it is focused on the patients’ needs. The technology that is focused on the patients will assist in executing the strategic plan and help in the enhancing the services within the facility. In the execution of the plan, the ADKAR concept may also be applicable within the company. This model is utilized by leaders and managers to encourage and improve organizational changes in association with the strategic objectives. The ADKAR model signifies Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. The ADKAR concept is utilized in enacting the organizational changes with regard to the mission and vision declarations. As a result, integrating the models lead to the effective execution of the strategic plan and also assist advancing the level of contentment amongst patients.

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