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Evaluation of Evidence Essay | Online Paper writing Service

Lin, T. K., Teymourian, Y., & Tursini, M. S. (2018). The effect of sugar and processed food imports on the prevalence of overweight and obesity in 172 countries. Globalization and health14(1), 1-14.

Sugar consumption contributes immensely to obesity, an aspect that has become a global health concern because of its impact on individuals. Child obesity has been on the rise because of the increased production of sugary products targeting the young population. This study takes a global approach to demonstrate the dangerous nature of sugar and other processed food products. The researchers follow the sugar consumption and production of processed food products in 172 countries between 1995 and 2010. Besides, the scholars rely on the results to identify the causes of increasing BMI rates in the global environment. From this realization, the study concludes that the increased production of sugary and processed food products is responsible for the increased BMI rate in the world. By demonstrating the dangers associated with processed food products and sugar consumption, the study succeeds in its efforts to empower the masses regarding the best approaches they can use to improve their health.

Yeomans, M. R. (2017). Adverse effects of consuming high fat–sugar diets on cognition: implications for understanding obesity. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society76(4), 455-465.

In the development stage, children enhance their attention, learning, and memory abilities through exposure to different activities in their immediate environment. However, increased sugar consumption among children poses a threat to the development of these skills, an aspect that hinders young people from realizing their potential. This study explores the relationship between obesity and poor cognitive functions among children and other individuals in the global environment. Importantly, the scholars use the Vicious Cycle Model (VCM) to examine the findings and create meaningful statements that can enable individuals to relate with the outcomes of the study. Changes in the cognitive functions have a significant impact on appetite control because of their ability to influence the perspectives of individuals towards life.

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