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Ethical Leadership Theory | Homework Help Online

Ethical leadership theory entails the use of various ethical concepts for guidance when managing subordinates (Dion, 2012). In this concept, the ethical leadership theory assists the leader to incorporate resolutions and approach activities with an understandable strategy, as compared to continually re-thinking and assessing the situations. The theory not only provides the leader with a clear pronouncement every time, but it makes it simpler for the leader in assessing the circumstances and listening to other individuals’ sentiments concerning the subject.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Strategies

Verbal, nonverbal, and listening strategies are an essential aspect for every leader to lead a corporation effectively. In this case, the leader ought to ensure that the facial expressions match the content being presented (Naylor Matt, 2017).  Additionally, the leader ought to realize that the staff members will look up to the leader as an example of how they should conduct themselves. If the employees perceive a leader employing a dynamic style of listening and tone with clienteles, there is an increasing likelihood of the staff team emulating. When a manager is open to new ideas, the staff members will incorporate the leaders’ concepts.

Use of Power

Increased use of power while incorporating the communication strategies results in leaders portraying harsher ideals on other members. However, it may assist in helping the junior staff to adhere to the regulations regardless of whether the impacts are negative or positive. The leaders may also shift the blame of a failed form of communication to other members of staff.

The Ethical leadership theory is vital in leadership as it is focused on the sustenance of ethical principles and standards as well as the self-respect and privileges for others. It is, therefore, linked to notions such as faith, uprightness, and fairness. In an organizational setting, it is essential to exercise authority to realize personal, group, and company objectives. Otherwise, the success would not be accomplished and is, therefore, suitable for the leaders to integrate into their practices.




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