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Essay on the Rich Young Man | College Homework Help Online

The response by Jesus to the young rich man to the current day world would mean that being saved will concern like calling and repentance. According to Melia (1), we have to face the fact not every person is being called in the present times and we can’t do anything about that, but we simply have to leave that matter to God. This would also imply to us in today world that it is well to honest and admit struggles in some areas. We should also avoid boastful behavior which makes us appear good while in the real sense we are hiding some of our weakness and what we are telling is untrue. It also teaches the current world that we should be willing to give out most of our great possessions and we should not have that attachment to them. The process of giving to the poor and following Jesus is one of the requirements for those who want to acquire eternal life, this is according to Stathi (2).

Jesus Response To People Living In The U.S.

There would be a change if Jesus was addressing the current population residing in the United States today. This will change due to what they hold dear is different in this time and age. There has been a lot of racial discrimination and killing and many of ill-doing in the current day U.S which has contributed to harming of people. There has been a growth in divorces and family breakdown due to wealth driven factors and high levels of criminal activities. These are some of the areas Jesus would address if the young rich man who approaches him would come from this region. The young man might come to him count the good he has done and in my view, he would tell Jesus that the commandment he keeps and surely just a few he would have upheld. Jesus would go ahead and advise him that for him to get eternal life he has to stop and distance himself from racial discrimination, crime and keep marriage clean since this will solve most of the issues in the current world.

Pursuit of Ultimate Love And Happiness

The answer that Jesus gives the young rich man in the current day in the U.S will help in the quest for ultimate love and happiness. Since the young man will stop the racial discrimination and this will lead to a peaceful coexistence of people despite their skin colour. Keeping marriages clean will increase love in the family and the parties involved will live happily. Where crime levels are extinct shows that people care about each other which shows the existence of love and happiness in the region. Love and happiness exist where people live together without viewing each by their skin complexion, keeping away from crime and keeping marriage holy.

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