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Essay Example on Evidence-Based Practice | Get Homework Help

The integration of evidence-based practice is vital as patients, families, financiers, and supervisory organizations anticipate delivery services based on the most up-to-date and most satisfactory obtainable evidence.

Implementing New Guidelines

Several prototypes and structures are existent to offer guidance to health practitioners in the delivery health care services. For the health care personnel to implement the new guidelines, it is essential to consider certain aspects.

Modes of Encouraging the Implementation of New Guidelines

Foremost, it is essential to adopt a compassionate mechanism for health care providers. The solitary provision of scientific evidence is not enough to alter the attitude of the physician. Therefore, the leadership of the hospital needs to adopt a mechanism that regards the skills and beliefs of every health personnel. According to Melnyk et al.(2018), there is an incredible requisite towards the enhancement of health personnel capabilities in order to achieve the required outcomes as they are known to be resistant to modifications evidence is not benevolently provided. The personnel feels like part of the new guidelines as compared to being monitored by the management.

Another aspect is the inclusion of links to data in electronic health records.  Electronic health records in the hospital ought to incorporate links to the utmost contemporary data or standards of practice for personnel to gain access easily. According to Mackey and Bassendowski (2017), it is critical that health personnel are proactively involved in their pursuit of information, therefore enhancing the implementation of new guidelines during delivery of care to a patient. The next aspect involves the usage of medical pronouncement aid. Automatic medical resolution support is an additional tool that assists personnel to implement new guidelines based on the evidence-based practice. This provision would generate pertinent signals or notices when nurses key in patients’ treatment in the Electronic health records platforms. Nurses change their attitude towards new guidelines if they are comfortable with the alerts.

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