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Environmental Studies and Forestry: International Treaty “Game”

The question of countries cooperating to solve the pollution problem often raises enormous difficulties in having them work together from a unified approach. The expectation of having nations cooperate in resolving pollution problem and contribution to the clean-up processes is impeded by the prospects of the country emitting the highest volume of pollutants to the environment. For instance, having the US and China commit to a unified approach to the contribution on the clean-up of the pollution problem is a profoundly hard nut to crack (Li, 2016). This is attributed to the protection of the national interests of the respective countries.

Also, the countries attest towards demonstrating the other is responsible for the mess created by the pollution. The difference in the development levels is a profound factor that impedes countries to cooperate. This implies that the most developed country and has already reached high standards of growth may require to scale down on the emission of pollutants to the environment (Keohane & Olmstead, 2016). On the other hand, the other country may be setting course for massive growth, development, and industrialization. This posits that, any efforts to have the two countries to cooperate on cleaning up the environment conflicts with the interests of the other (Rosen, 2015). Consequently, impede any potential for the countries to cooperate from a unified front.

Furthermore, the pollution problem is a high magnitude issue in the world requiring all nation-state actors, international organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, local governments, cities, businesses, corporations, among other key stakeholders (Pereira, 2015). This is fundamental to contribute to the gigantic funding demand to cleaning up of the environment. The cooperation of two countries is a drop in the ocean that requires extensive efforts and commitments. Therefore, prompt dissent between who is in control and influential over the other calling upon a neutral actor to manage the problem and the nations cooperation.

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