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Engine or Fuel System Essay Paper | Write My Assignment

Fuel is an important factor in causing the turbine to generate power. The engine would run dry if no fuel were available. Spark plugs in the cylinder trigger a reciprocating engine’s air/fuel mixture. This results in the production of a power stroke. Unless, of course, it’s a diesel engine. In that instance, the high compression when the piston travels up ignites the fuel. As a result, the power stroke is created on the way down. An igniter is used in a turbine engine. It contributes to the constant flame. Fuel systems can fail in various ways, including leaks, overloaded lines, vapor locks, sticky injectors, icing, a failed fuel pump, and hot fuel.

Impacts of Fuel and Engine System Failure

If an element in the fuel system fails, the engine may become depleted of fuel, which is not a positive factor in flight. Fuel is used for more than just combustion. Depending on the configuration, fuel systems are often used to heat or cool the oil and grease mechanical components within the fuel lines. If the fuel pump runs for an extended period with no fuel flowing through it, the pump could potentially burn out and fail (Shah, 2015). In regards to the filter, it has the potential to become clogged. It can be avoided, but you will receive potentially infected fuel. The relief valve could become stuck open or closed. This means it is not releasing enough pressure from the system or retaining too much pressure in the system. This is dependent on location in which it is pinned.

Mitigation Framework

Proper maintenance could help to reduce fuel failures. Closely observing the engine parameters conveyed by the aircraft’s dashboard is one of the most useful easiest—means to help avert an engine failure. Previous signals that include operating temperatures, cylinder head temperatures, oil pressure, and coolant temperature should be checked and recorded. Pilots need to also allow enough time to pre-flight an airplane and engine, particularly after maintenance, and enable it to heat to operating temperature, predominantly in frosty weather (Shah, 2015). This is geared towards ensuring that there is enough fuel aboard. One of several standard rules essential in preventing engine failure is pre-flighting with a checklist.

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