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Encoder and Computer-Assisted Coding | IT Homework Help

An encoder refers to an individual with computer knowledge and expertise of using computer hardware or software programs to convert data from one style to another. An example of such a program involves one used in the conversion of video tracks to audio forms. Computer-assisted coding is the software that is used by the encoders in converting various programs to a different model. Applications used in computer coding are different among the encoders since they are dependent on the software being applied. This action is evident when they create various applications through the use of codes that are available in multiple forms, unlike the procedures that are usually available in the system and need a third party for them to be accessible and understandable. The computer-assisted coding uses keywords to access documents provided, and if the keywords are unavailable, the encoders may not produce a proper application or modify the code.

When developing codes, some steps must be followed to ensure the standards are met. These steps include; understanding the problem to be solved, designing a solution, drawing of a flow chart of the data, writing the code, testing, and debugging the code. After this has been done, testing with real-world users follows. After confirming that the application is legally acceptable and applicable, it is released into the market to be used by different users. They implement it in their day-to-day activities. The programmer is responsible for constant updates and maintenance to ensure that the daily needs of the users are met after the application is created and released to the users (Cleverly, Cleverly & Song, 2011). A marketable program should be updated regularly and made more friendly by the programmer.

A code edit is a program that is designed for editing sources of computer programs. It helps in making updates to various programs that have been designed and implemented. The code edits are mostly used by companies such as insurance firms (Cleverly, Cleverly & Song, 2011). Such a firm use the code edits when offering insurance policies to different clients when applying for insurance. The action is done by including information in the database, which is mostly coded so that the user can access the information automatically and swiftly whenever the need arises (Pratt, 2015). The companies can also access the complaints that are made by the insured personnel via the database. This involves a code procedure, where they can assist the insured by solving their problems. Through the use of various codes in the insurance company, it is evident that any person can apply for insurance policies from multiple companies, get assistance, and also renew their policies.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability is a code set whose primary purpose is to maintain the private information of patients via the use of electronic security records that simplify the administration. The code provides a detailed instruction that assists in handling the information provided by patients. It stores it in primary storage that is easily accessible by both the patient and the doctor. When a patient needs surgery, the doctor uses the information provided to understand the cause and also the part that requires surgery.

Coding has tremendously helped many institutions, for it has made the work of the users more automated and seamless. It has helped in maintaining the privacy of information provided and has thus created self-confidence when it comes to the provision of information. Programmers play a vital role in coding since they update the database by making it more understandable.




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