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Employment Policy

The Boomers Company is located in Rochester, New York. It deals with the manufacture and sale of construction materials. It primarily deals with the production of steel and aluminum construction products. It enjoys a workforce of thirty members who remain committed to their duties and responsibilities. These professionals have quality skills and knowledge, which make them an asset in the organization. It prides itself as one of the firms dealing with construction materials in the area and looks forward to gaining a large market share.

The Rationale for Equal Employment Opportunities

The provision of equal employment opportunities in the organization is a key element as incorporated in the federal laws. As the human resource officer, adhering to this law is a vital move that is expected to reduce collisions with the local authorities. Federal laws have always focused on reducing occupational segregation (Peetz et al., 2008). Organizations are called to adhere to this law to create equal opportunities for all people irrespective of their background. Notably, as the HR officer, the equal employment opportunities law assists in meeting diversity. As French and Sheridan (2009) state, the equal employment opportunity approach has enabled organizations to meet diversity. They achieve parity levels by ensuring that they provide equal opportunities for all. In this case, the HR director will need to adhere to federal law to avoid discrimination in line with the workplace’s available opportunities. It is also essential for the director to have up-to-date knowledge about federal laws targeting discrimination to enable them to develop suitable behavioral and action-based practices. Federal laws might change, and businesses can also experience diverse changes in the workplace. Thus, exposure to updated federal laws helps in developing and implementing appropriate policies and practices.

Federal or State Discrimination Law Important in the Organization

The Equal Pay, Disability, and Civil Rights Act are some of the key federal laws applicable in the organization. The Equal Pay Act will ensure that the management offers equal benefits to both male and female workers in the business setting. For example, if the two handle the same workload under a particular time frame, it is essential to provide similar wages and salaries. The other law that protects workers from discrimination in the company is the Disability Act. It will ensure that the firm does not deny persons living with disabilities the opportunity selection and recruitment opportunities. Lastly, the Civil Rights Act will guarantee potential candidates equal access to opportunities irrespective of their race, ethnicity, religion, sex, and national origin.

The rationale for the Selected Laws

The Equal Pay Act is imperative as it protects the needs and welfare of all workers. All workers should be compensated in line with their contribution instead of their gender or any other characteristic. This law aims at ending gender-based pay discrimination (Cho & Kramer, 2013). An equal amount of work translates to equal salaries and wages. At times, some companies might decide to award women fewer benefits than men despite handling the same amount of work. This is primarily associated with the perception that men handle more tasks than women. In the construction company at hand, the HR officer will ensure that the policy developed accommodated equal pay for both men and women. The Disability Act will ensure that the company provides persons with disabilities the same opportunities and opportunities like those offered to others. The absence of such an Act in the corporate area creates a gap in achieving an increased number of workers living with disabilities (Chi & Qu, 2004). Integration of this law changes the attitude of the managerial level about these workers. Since this is a business dealing with manufacturing construction-based materials, those living with disabilities might be deemed less fit for the job. However, this law accommodates their interests in working in the company. Lastly, the Civil Rights Law calls for the business to eliminate discrimination in line with one’s background. It will ensure that anyone can freely work in the company. For example, religion, sex, gender, race, and ethnicity do not challenge being a potential employee for the company.

Charge Statistics for the Three Laws

New York employers stand being fined up to $500 in each instance if they fail to abide by the Equal Pay Act. They need to level the salaries for their existing workforce to prevent this adverse consequence. Disobeying the Disability Act also attracts a fine of $75,000 for the first violation and doubles if there are subsequent violations. The violation of the Civil Rights Law attracts not less than $100 and more than $500. Any organization based in New York that fails to abide by each of these laws must pay the fine as a punitive action.

Nondiscriminatory Policy for the Organization

Boomers Company is an equal employment employer. We do not discriminate against any worker, and we are keen to provide equal opportunities for all. We take pride in being one of the organizations that uphold diversity since each worker offers unique ideas for the business. We will take affirmative actions in our selection, recruitment, and promotion strategies to ensure that we accommodate any potential candidate. We strive to provide an inclusive environment for all our employees and other key stakeholders. To prevent discriminatory practices, we ensure that the managerial, supervisory, and all different levels understand our policy and show their commitment to creating an inclusive organizational setting. This way, everyone will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the policy.

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