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Employee Performance Review Paper | Online Homework Help

Date of the Review:

Employee Name:

Position: Mid-Level Manager

Years/Months Employed in the Position: 6 Months

Reviewer Name and Title:


CriteriaDescriptionRating 1Rating 2Rating 3Legend
Accuracy This is based on the ability to accurately meet the organization’s objectives in execution of tasks.HighMedium LowThe medium rating shows that the manager was moderately efficient in the performing the tasks assigned.
Competence Show due diligence in completion of all tasks.High MediumLowShows high-level competence and efficiency in work delivery.
Thoroughness Show high-level dedication on the completion of all assigned tasks.HighMediumLow Poor performance was recorded lowering the quality of the work delivery.
Time management Show ability to handle different tasks and effectively complete them on time.Excellent FairPoorIn the quantity of work performance, excellent scores were recorded.
Productivity level Meet all the target objectives.Excellent FairPoorProfound competence and efficiency in productivity was delivered.
Ability to meet deadlines All tasks were complete before or on time.Excellent FairPoorRecorded earlier delivery of the tasks assigned.
Knowledge of works and tasks Portray profound understanding of assigned tasks.Efficient ModerateLowThe services offered by the mid-level manager showed proficiency in understanding, knowledge, and conceptualization of the work at hand.
Skills Illustrate prowess in executing the tasks assigned.Efficient ModerateLowRecorded high capacity and skills to work delivery built over the years of experience in the field.
Communication Ability to articulate your mandates to the subjects as a mid-level manager.GreatGood LackingShowed profound need for improvement.
Team work Show ability to work well with others.GreatGoodLacking Indicates the poorest of the performance rating. Attributed to lack of being acquainted will the employees in the organization as a new leader.


Detail about employee’s strengths

In terms of quantity of work completion, knowledge of the tasks and responsibilities, and conduct in the workplace, the mid-level manager showed an excellent score. The strengths are fundamental in taking one’s job serious and commitment to execute your mandates in the organization. Hence, serve as key ingredients for a competitive organization (Root, 2019).


Detail about employee’s areas requiring improvement

The employee showed several key areas that were lacking and suffered a deficit in execution excellency. For example, in terms of the quality of work, the employee was short to meet the organization’s expectations. Accuracy and thoroughness performed poorly. This is attributed to the slow adaptation into the organization and getting along with other employees. As indicated in the rating scale, teamwork was highly lacking for a mid-level manager.


Suggestions for growth, goals, or professional development?

To be able to meet the organization’s objectives and expectation, there is need to improve the mid-level manager’s capacity to engage with the employees in the workplace. Teamwork plays an integral role to the overall success of the organization. As a leader, installing various leadership styles and approaches can be essential to improving the quality and competence in working with other employees (Bolden-Barrett, 2018).


Additional Comments/Summary of the Employee Performance Appraisal

It is fundamental to note that, the organization requires all employees to cooperate and work collaboratively towards meeting its objectives. In the wake where the mid-level manager cannot be able to coordinate the junior employees under his/her command, it poses a profound threat to the competitiveness of the organization. Therefore, extensive training for the mid-level manager to utilize the human resources as the most strategic asset for the organization is fundamental to set a competitive advantage for the organization. Hence, the performance evaluation tool emphasizes on the value of the mid-level manager to work well with other employees in the organization.

Feedback and coaching: This provides a path for growth and development of all employees in the organization. As the mid-level manager, the employee should focus on motivating other employees and creating an enabling environment that draws the best and maximizes on the strengths of all employees. Individually, the mid-level manager should be accorded the necessary support to enhance his/her skills and competence in meeting all his/her responsibilities due diligently. This should be conducted at least twice a year to give for further growth and development of the employee. This is fundamental in identifying the training needs and assessment of the impacts of the training program in inducing positive impacts on the target personnel. As a result, the employee performance appraisal has been well-developed to cover both performance evaluation and identification of the training needs to build the strengths and improve on the weaknesses.


Employee Signature ______________________________                        Date ______________

Supervisor Signature ______________________________                        Date ______________


Synopsis of the Value of the Evaluation Process

The evaluation process for the mid-level manager is best conduct periodically after every six months. This gives room for improvement in the second half should there be deficit in the first half. Also, it serves as an impetus to remain focused, committed and efficient in one’s work (Haigh, 2018). However, a consideration of quarterly reviews would be essential should the mid-level manager show great need for additional improvement. In this case, this can only be considered should the second performance review fail. Alternatively, it is the organization’s expectation that the performance review creates an enabling environment to improve on the deficits and maximize on the strengths. Consequently, culminate on the creation of a highly efficient and competent mid-level manager.

Furthermore, the performance appraisal for the mid-level after six months of working in the organization is essential to determine the value addition of the new personnel. The process is necessary to ascertain the job description perfectly fits with the competences, skills, and knowledge base of the person chosen to fill the vacancy. As well, it is an opportunity to help the organization determine its progress in achieve strategic objectives that are vital to its competitive advantage. The mid-level manager plays an integral role in the organization. Hence, it is paramount that their knowledge, skills, and abilities are efficient for the tasks at hand. Therefore, the performance appraisal is articulate on assessing the strengths, weaknesses, identification of the training needs, and recommendations on necessary training areas and activities that can be utilized towards ascertaining overall high performance.

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