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Emotional intelligence (EQ) Critical Thinking | Get Paper Help

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a phenomenon separate from Intelligence Quotient (IQ) .It comprises a series of characteristics such as empathy, motivation, creativity and drive. These characteristics are as much an important part of life as the rational part. Emotional intelligence is critical to your success (Shahid et.al. 2018).The essay below discusses the reasons why emotional intelligence is crucial, at times even more than intelligence quotient.

The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for storing our emotions. The organ is crucial in propelling us to action in emergencies, vital moments before the neocortex has time to register what is actually going on. In an emergency, this enables you to have quick action to react and saving critical time in reaction to danger, therefore having a better chance to escape. You do not need to know exactly what something is to know that it is dangerous (Goleman, 2006).While the hippocampus retrieves memory, the amygdala determines if the information has any emotional valence (Goleman, 2006). Without the emotional part of us, we would lose affection, passion, motivation and even the sense of social belonging. In conclusion, emotional intelligent is much a crucial part of life as our intelligence quotient.

Surprisingly, I have not taken my time before to think of the real importance of our emotions. Before my reaction to anything, the amygdala uses associative comparison, judging from my past experiences, have I ever been in a similar situation before? What was my reaction then? And then uses this information to determine the right course of action. Moreover, I now completely understand why at times people react so irrationally. This is as a result of emotional tripwire where the amygdala gives one an impulse feeling that overrides the rational. The fact that we unconsciously comprehend our emotional reactions is mind blowing.

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