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Emotional Intelligence Assignment | Do My Homework

In reading Chapter twelve, new insights and views on parenting illuminate my understanding of how behavior, characteristics, and emotional intelligence is shaped and passed from one generation to the next. I found the arguments on the passing of aggressiveness from one generation to another to be quite interesting. That is, “a boy who was harshly disciplined in relentless severity, as a parent the repeated the pattern” (Goleman, 1996, 196). There is a high likelihood of trouble markers adopting these characteristics from parents that used harsh ways to correct them. The approach to harsh punishment and treatment of children is a result of neglecting of children’s interests and emotional intelligence. This illustrates the ignorance to children’s desire and interest that make them happy. The results built from the parent’s harsh and severe conditions manifest throughout a child’s entire life.

In my earlier understanding, I did hold emotional intelligence as an integral part of growing up. Goleman (1996, 193) posits that “the emotional abilities children acquire in later life build on those of the earliest years.” This reaffirms the view that, a tree can only be nurtured and straightened when it is young. The better opportunity to mold children into responsible human beings who are caring, concern, well-manner, and emotionally attached to the reality is through nurturing them from young age. It is paramount to ensure that children are well cared for and directed in a positive manner.

Further understanding emphasizes the value of having conducive environment to shape good manners and values in a child. The environment to which the child is exposed serves as the inherent state upon which children replicates what they absorb. Therefore, it is paramount to establish better environment for healthy growth of children.

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